FBI/Mueller Weaponized Cohen Raid, Grabbed RNC Financial Records

Without having to go through the normal channels, the FBI swept up the RNC documents in the raid of Michael Cohen’s office. The warrants weren’t for the RNC documents but they took all “privileged communications” in the raid. That was intentional on the Mueller-Rosenstein collaboration. It’s a real headache for the RNC and it could be an expensive one.

The FBI will now comb through every record, fishing for a violation or terrorizing someone to lie.

If the president with all his money and power is at the mercy of corrupt officials, no one is safe. Even the RNC is at their mercy and there is a reason for that — it’s a witch hunt.

Cohen is the deputy finance chairman of the RNC, which is responsible for the bulk of its fundraising operations – and is the third member of the committee, including the former chairmen – to have come under severe scrutiny in nearly as many months.

Dirty cop Mueller is probing the RNC and find some minor violations or get someone for perjury?

Fortune reports:

In January, casino mogul Steve Wynn, who was then chairmen of the committee, announced his resignation after the Wall Street Journal published an explosive report detailing decades worth of sexual misconduct allegations, including a $7.5 million settlement between Wynn and a former manicurist at one of his properties, who said he had forced her to have sex with him.

And in March, the New York Times reported that Elliot Broidy, who, like Cohen, serves as Deputy Finance Chairman of the RNC, is under scrutiny for using his access to Trump to advocate for softer policies towards Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates in an order to procure lucrative contracts for his contracting company. The Times also reported that month that Broidy used his access to Trump as marketing fodder for his clients, offering favors like a trip to the President’s Mar-A-Lago resort and tickets to V.I.P inauguration events.

Democrats want Republicans to return all money raised — it’s in the multi-millions.

Who in god’s name could withstand this scrutiny by a bunch of all-powerful law enforcement officials with unlimited funds? It’s under cover of a fake Russia election interference probe.

This looks to some like the revenge of the dirty cops and the Democrats. Some will say it’s an effort to make sure no Republican wins another presidential election. Others might say it is to keep good Republicans from running.


  1. I had thought the effort was opposition research on Trump alone to hamper future upcoming elections. Now, it looks more like Mueller’s Cabal will not only hamper Trump but is expanding to either neuter or destroy the entire Republican Party. Is this what the Republican was getting at with Erickson. On a side note, Erickson is one of many who helped create the situation we are now in.

    Then we have Graham and Grassley who are complicit “with” Mueller with supporting legislation prohibiting Trump from firing Mueller. Would these two worthless, incompetent Senators be content if Trump would sign an E.O. restricting what Grassley can do as Chairman. I wouldn’t be surprised if Graham isn’t the one who talked with Erickson. He was gung-ho in finding a tie between Trump and Russia.

    We are at a stage that appears the majority of Republicans on Capital Hill are in a death wish. Every indication points to a contentment with being in the minority. Those who would remain in office will have the ability to continue their goal of gaining personal wealth.

  2. This was all started by the disgraced, corrupt, coward Sessions. He has full legal right under the betraying recusal he made to block these departures from scope and civil liberty violations. I consider the actions of Sessions the past 10 months to be fully consistent with his support from the beginning of what has happened. This, he is allied to the conspirators.

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