FBI Probably Hid Proof of Innocence from the FISA Court


Stefan Halper, does he hold the key?

John Solomon at The Hill, writes that in August and September 2016, the FBI had exculpatory evidence from Carter Page and George Papadopoulos that was probably not shared with the FISA Court.

Two visits, one to a Virginia farm by Carter Page, and another to London by George Papadopoulos, have received little attention, but might provide information about proof of innocence that was hidden by the FBI.


The Hill’s John Solomon reported Thursday that both Trump campaign advisers made exculpatory statements at the very start of the FBI’s investigation that undercut the probe from the beginning.

The FBI plowed ahead with unprecedented intrusion into a political campaign based on an incomplete narrative given to the FISA court. They did it with both men proclaiming innocence.

Solomon explains what the FBI must abide by when presenting the case for a spy warrant: First, the FBI must present evidence to FISA judges that it has verified and that comes from intelligence sources deemed reliable. Second, it must disclose any information that calls into question the credibility of its sources. Finally, it must disclose any evidence suggesting the innocence of its investigative targets.

The FBI fell down on the first two. The dossier was 100 percent unverified. They also didn’t tell the FBI that Steele hated Trump and wanted him deposed.

Republicans have long believed the FBI had exculpatory evidence proving Page and Papadopoulos are innocent. Solomon maintains the answer lies in these two meetings.

After the FBI opened the Russia collusion investigation, which began in July, 2016, spy-professor Stefan Halper met with Carter Page in August, and George Papadopoulos in September. The men proclaimed their innocence and provided information. That was probably kept from the FISA Court (FISC).

Halper is the Cambridge professor who spies for the U.S. government. He was put on the FBI’s generous payroll in September 2016.

The dossier

The accusations made against both men were in the unverified dossier. The detailed protestations both men made in their conversations with Halper had to be included with the dossier evidence presented to the FISC.

Multiple sources told Solomon that none of the FISA applications the FBI submitted to judges over the course of a year’s surveillance of Page made any mention of exculpatory statements or protestations of innocence that Page made to informants.

The President must release the Russia files so we can get to the truth.



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