FBI Probe Points to A Highly Coordinated Anti-Kavanaugh Effort by Dems


The many problems with credible Christine’s testimony and the well-connected beach friend.

Sen. Grassley has fired off another blistering letter to credible Christine Ford’s lawyers demanding evidence and communications. At the same time, ‘witness’ Leland Keyser says she was pressured to alter her statement, allegedly by the suspicious former FBI agent Monica McLean, the one Christine Ford allegedly helped prepare for a polygraph.
Did Chucky leak?

It is now looking like the leaker could have been someone tied to Chuck Schumer in a highly coordinated effort to take down Judge Kavanaugh.

Senator Grassley’s letter to Mrs. Ford’s attorneys asks for communications between the Ford, Ramirez and Swetnick teams. In addition, we have learned that Ford’s “beach friends” — which she was coyly vague in mentioning — is former FBI agent Monica McLean.

McLean was Preet Bharara’s spokesperson and Bharara worked closely with Schumer as his deputy in the judiciary.

McLean also sent texts pressuring Leland Keyser, a Ford non-witness witness, to alter her statement — to “clarify” it. McLean’s lawyer denied it but that might not be true.

Republican senators now believe it might have been Chuck Schumer who had a hand in leaking the letter.

Schumer said, before even speaking with Judge Kavanaugh, that he would “oppose him with everything I got”. He presented hysterical arguments without a basis in fact. Schumer thinks it’s extreme right to follow the Constitution. That could be why he said we should abandon due process and the presumption of innocence.

Laura Ingraham’s been looking into it.


Leland said she was pressured. Why would she make it up? A lot of coordination went into this. McLean is tied to Preet Bharara who is close to Chuck Schumer and she is the woman who credible Christine prepped for the polygraph as she sought a job in the DOJ/FBI. The ex-boyfriend swore under oath she prepared McLean which credible denied — not under oath — through a lawyer.

McLean and Ford were both in Rehoboth Beach when Ford wrote the letter to Sen. Feinstein, a letter which was most professional.

‘Witness’ Leland Keyser Was “Pressured”, Wait Until You Hear by Whom!


Normally sedate, near-dead Republicans have mustered up the fortitude to fight back and they are fighting hard.

Lindsey Graham vowed a ‘full scale’ probe into Democrat’s handling of the Ford-Kavanaugh allegation.

“We’re going to do a wholesale, full scale investigation of what I think was a despicable process to deter it from happening again,” Graham said during an interview on ABC News’ “This Week.”

“The FBI will do a supplemental background investigation, then I’m going to call for an investigation of what happened in this committee. Who betrayed Dr. Ford’s trust? Who in Feinstein’s office recommended Katz as a lawyer? Why did Ms. Ford not know that the committee was willing to go to California?” Graham continued, referring to Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., and Debra Katz, one of Ford’s attorneys who has been involved in Democratic politics in the past.

As far as the letter, Ryan Grim the Intercept journalist said he didn’t get it from Feinstein’s staff. Feinstein denied it and Graham accepted Feinstein’s denial. “All I can tell you is it came from somebody with a political motive,” he said. “No friend would do this to Dr. Ford.”


  1. I must be ‘geographically challenged’ but what the h*ll beach is near WASHINGTON DC? If McLean ever planted her Land Mass With Hair colossus frame on a beach, there’d be armies of people trying to push Shamu back in the water. So what does everyone think: once (not IF) this martyred, bloodied warrior Kavanaugh is seated on the SCOTUS, THEN President Trump will unleash The Storm of MOABs he’s been sitting on to lay waste definitively on these vile scum?

  2. It is evident that the resistance to Judge Kavanaugh from Shummer had a whole lot to do with the fact that (1) Trump is president and Shummer despises Trump and (2) Shummer is for abortion.

    It is a shame that Shummer’s mother wasn’t for abortion as well! (same can be said about the mothers of Feinstein, Coons, Booker, Harris, and the lying Vietnam Vet Blumenthal too)!

  3. Rush today is saying this whole hit job on Kavanaugh was an orchestrated plan given all the players involved, the attorneys’ sitting on the letter, leaking the letter, Ford’s very weak memory during testimony,McLean’s involvement and connections in D.C., …..I hope in the end all is exposed, but given how the Russian/Trump BS is still going after 2 years, I doubt it !!!!!!

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