FBI Releases Dossier Summary Exposing Their Deception


The FBI has released a summary document of a part of the Russia dossier, as first reported by Politico. The heavily redacted, two-page summary was used by former FBI Director James Comey to brief President-elect Donald Trump two years ago. The James Madison Project filed a Freedom of Information lawsuit to secure its release.

The summary shows that the FBI claimed Steele was working for “private clients,” even though he was working for the DNC and Clinton campaign. It also noted that Steele relied on “identified and unidentified sub-sources” to fill out the dossier.

In other words, he subcontracted to others. We know that at least some of them were Hillary’s fixers or Russians.

Without mentioning his name, the document asserts that Christopher Steele, the former British spy who compiled the dossier, was working “on behalf of private clients” in his investigation of Trump’s possible ties to Russia. His dossier contained “highly politically sensitive information,” according to the summary.

As per the release, Steele collected information “from a layered network of identified and unidentified subsources, some of which has been corroborated in the past.”

Great! they aren’t even “identified” in some cases.

Hillary Clinton’s DNC — she controlled the DNC — and Hillary’s campaign — she commanded that too — funded the dossier. Omitting that is serious, and purposely deceptive.

In May 2017, during his book tour, Comey admitted they didn’t tell Trump who funded it.

Also, the unverified dossier was never verified and some of the sources could be anybody.

Hillary is the one who influenced the election with an unverified ‘dossier,’ but still, she skates.

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