FBI takes down another TERROR CAMP run by Linda Sarsour’s mentor


Islamic terror camp in Alabama

This next story should be national news and it should be called what it is — an Islamic terror camp.

A [Islamic] terror camp in Macon County, Alabama is described in an FBI search warrant as a “makeshift military-style obstacle course” belonging to a small group of terrorists led by Siraj Wahhaj Sr. who owned the property.

“Just because you’re in a small town or a small state does not mean you might not potentially have individuals engaged in the types of activities that would call into question threats to national security,” says Tim Fuhrman, Former Special Agent with the FBI field office in Mobile, Alabama.

This is similar to the terror camp in New Mexico where a little child’s body was found buried. Wahhaj jr. was training children to carry out deadly terror attacks in that camp.


FBI Assistant Director for the Counterterrorism Division Michael McGarrity told lawmakers on Capitol Hill there are 850 open domestic terrorism investigations, with 40% racially motivated violent extremism.

“The threat of domestic terrorism exists in every region of the United States and affects all walks of life.”

For other small town cases, Fuhrman says the engaged citizen is often the best defense

“Sometimes if you see something it isn’t suspicious. It’s someone exercising their first amendment rights or living the way they do that you may not agree with but does not pose a criminal or national security threat 5but sometimes they actually are,” Fyrnab says.

Siraj Wahhaj is a mentor to linda Sarsour

The son of Siraj Wahhaj, with the same name, was running the New Mexico camp. Siraj Wahhaj Sr. is one of the most prominent and respected imams in the United States, but he’s dangerous and evil. His son, Siraj Ibn Wahhaj was training 11 abused children to massacre other children in schools.

Two of Wahhaaj seniors quotes: “America is the most wicked government on the face of the planet Earth” and “If only Muslims were clever politically, they could take over the United States and replace its constitutional government with a caliphate.” He is also listed as “unindicted person who may be alleged as co-conspirators” in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.

Democrat and socialist superstar Linda Sarsour boasts on tape that her mentor is Siraj Wahhaj.

His plan is for America to become an Islamic state. He once said it is his “duty” and ours “to replace the U.S. Constitution with the Quran”. She asked Wahhaj to back the far-left Muslim running for governor of Michigan, Abdul El Sayed.

Linda Sarsour is a puppet of Siraj Wahhaj.


Siraj Wahhaj, the imam at Masjid At-Taqwa was one of 170 people identified by US Attorney Mary Jo White in 1995 as “unindicted persons who may be alleged as co-conspirators” in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, but was never charged, and denies any involvement with the bombing.

Wahhaj was a DEFENSE witness at the trial of the Blind Sheikh, Omar Abdel-Rahman. Rahman was the former leader of the Egyptian terrorist organization, Gama’a al-Islamiyya.


In November 1999, Wahhaj was one of many Muslim leaders who met with New York mayor Michael Bloomberg at City Hall. Wahhaj said that he hoped all Americans would eventually become Muslim and also referred to the FBI and CIA as the “real terrorists”.

In addition, Wahhaj has made extremist statements while lecturing at the Islamic Association of Northern Texas. In November of 1991, Wahhaj advocated the establishment of an Islamic State in the U.S.: “Where ever you came from, you came to America. And “you came for one reason- for one reason only – to establish Allah’s deen.”

During the same lecture, Wahhaj predicted the demise of America unless it accepted “the Islamic agenda,” citing the fall of the Soviet Union as a warning sign.

He added that “there will never be an Islamic State, never, until there’s first an Islamic state of mind,” and that Muslims should be involved in politics not because “it’s the American thing to do. You get involved in politics because politics are a weapon to use in the cause of Islam.”

Watch Linda Sarsour promote Siraj Wahhaj and an acolyte, a bad dude, who ran for governor:


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herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
4 years ago

The joining of the Democrat Party with covert extreme Islamic supporters is a recipe for disaster. More information at Jihad Watch.

4 years ago

Can the FBI be any more late to the show. Many years ago there were reports of all the Islamic compounds all across the USA, and the FBI is just Now investigating. I guess we can say at least Now they are involved.