FBI to Exonerate Hillary


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As we reported yesterday, CNN is reporting that the FBI has found no evidence of wrongdoing on the part of Hillary Clinton in the email investigation according to some anonymous US officials and investigators. It was just a “mistake”. These statements come before her interview.

The Washington Post is saying there is “scant evidence.”

CNN reported that same information again today.


If Republicans continue attacks once she’s ‘exonerated’ for the crimes she obviously committed, it will be depicted as a witch hunt by the left. In fact, the Democrat Socialists can now paint Republicans as having created this ‘lie’ out of whole cloth.

It still remains to be seen if that is the case because CNN is the Hillary network. Their parent company is Time Warner and they are her eighth largest campaign funders.

Hillary said this week that neither she nor her ‘representatives’ have been contacted about scheduling a date for her FBI interview regarding her compromising national security but her top lawyer has been in constant contact with the DoJ.

Hillary’s top counsel David Kendall has been in touch with the Justice Department throughout the ‘security review’, her SPOX Brian Fallon said. “We’ve been up front about that.” They’re very “transparent” according to him. They haven’t scheduled a date yet but “…whenever they do, we’ll be happy to accommodate that and make it happen.”

One has to wonder about the truth in that. Guccifer hacked her server, allegedly, and said he saw 10 other IPs from around the world on her server at the same time.

Who really believes the DoJ isn’t corrupt and won’t exonerate her? Anyone, anyone?

This is yesterday’s article with background information.

Hillary’s Closest Aides Interviewed by the FBI But U.S. Officials Make These Startling Statements



  1. HilLIARy is a cheat a scoundrel and a murderer she should be jailed for treason she broke the law and we all know it if Petraus was guilty then she’s guilty as hell

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