FBI Under Mueller, Comey Betrayed a Journalist Captured by Terrorists


A horrific story of a captured journalist used and abandoned by the FBI is now being told in a book and on Fox News. Journalist Matthew Schrier went to Syria to record history and was captured by the worst terrorists at that time — al Nusra. The FBI used his captivity to trace Islamic terrorists and later abandoned him in the ultimate betrayal.

The Betrayal

He was held hostage for seven months until he escaped. Schrier was kept captive in six prisons and tortured. After about six months, the FBI watched as the terrorists depleted Schrier’s accounts to buy all manner of items, including laptops which the FBI monitored.

The FBI used the opportunity to track the jihadists and told Schrier’s family he had become a jihadist. Jihadists stole Schrier’s identity and told his mother he was on a spending spree for al-Qaeda.

An FBI agent did later admit to Schrier that she knew he didn’t join the terrorists but they were using him to monitor the jihadists.

From what Schrier can tell, the FBI made no effort to rescue him.

The Abandonment

Schrier has filed numerous complaints pleading for a new Social Security number, a new identity, so he can rebuild his credit and his life. He has been ignored. His family has been ignored despite numerous complaints.

The former captive provided the FBI with a great deal of valuable information. There was no reward for that.

The FBI under Robert Mueller and James Comey did nothing to help him then or now. While the FBI has not given their side, the paperwork is the paperwork. Schrier can prove his claims.


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