FBI Warns Conspiracy Theories Are a Domestic Terrorism Threat! Really!


This is not a joke! The FBI now says conspiracy theories are a domestic terrorism threat. It seems to me that conspiracy theories are THOUGHT CRIMES and not crimes at all except in some Orwellian world.

The report states:

The FBI intelligence bulletin from the bureau’s Phoenix field office, dated May 30, 2019, describes “conspiracy theory-driven domestic extremists,” as a growing threat, and notes that it is the first such report to do so. It lists a number of arrests, including some that haven’t been publicized, related to violent incidents motivated by fringe beliefs.

The document specifically mentions QAnon, a shadowy network that believes in a deep state conspiracy against President Trump, and Pizzagate, the theory that a pedophile ring including Clinton associates was being run out of the basement of a Washington, D.C., pizza restaurant (which didn’t actually have a basement).

“The FBI assesses these conspiracy theories very likely will emerge, spread, and evolve in the modern information marketplace, occasionally driving both groups and individual extremists to carry out criminal or violent acts,” the document states. It also goes on to say the FBI believes conspiracy theory-driven extremists are likely to increase during the 2020 presidential election cycle.

Why don’t they investigate actual crimes for a change? In fact, why isn’t Bill Barr arresting some of these actual criminals?

There are lots of criminals they could arrest, starting with the FBI. What about Antifa? How about the Hezbollah drug dealers? Why don’t we declare cartels domestic terrorists and arrest them?

NOOOOO, of course not. Let’s arrest people who read QAnon. It’s not a shadowy network, it’s out in the open, but they do have a lot of people on the site who get conspiratorial. Basically, people just post right-wing stuff. The Pizzagate crap is long over. Get over it FBI and arrest some criminals. If you want shadowy, look at any Soros organization or the Southern Poverty Law Center.

The real problem is the FBI has been politicized.

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