FBI’s Original 302’s Missing, Newer One Says General Flynn Wasn’t Lying


The FBI came up with a 302 Friday as Judge Sullivan requested. A 302 is a written record of the agents’ notes after an interview of a target. An interesting fact was revealed.

The original 302 prepared by agents who interviewed General Flynn in 2017 is missing. It’s unclear if that’s due to edits or one wasn’t filed immediately after the interview as required by law.

Sean Davis, an editor at The Federalist, wrote that the problem isn’t only the missing 302. It raises red flags about this investigation. “It’s the fact that the Strzok 302 interview–the sole basis for the Flynn charge–was conducted just four days after Lisa Page was fired and days before Strzok himself was fired by Mueller.”
Mueller was required to file it.

Nothing suspicious about that!

One prepared six months after the interview was given to Judge Sullivan today as he ordered. Sullivan is the judge who is handling the Flynn perjury case.

Andrew McCabe instigated the interview, and Peter Strzok led it, according to the documents released Friday.

“Strzok and [the other agent] both had the impression at the time that Flynn was not lying or did not think he was lying,” the 302 says.


There was an argument at the time with U.S. Attorney General Sally Yates that probably included McCabe and the agents about the decision to interview Flynn but it’s mostly redacted. The Daily Caller reported that Yates, who was fired by President Donald Trump on Jan. 30, 2017, “was not happy” about the FBI’s decision to interview Flynn, according to Peter Strzok, one of the two FBI agents who met with Flynn on Jan. 24, 2017.

It’s not clear why she was upset but she later testified to the Senate that she informed the White House general counsel days after Flynn’s interview that she believed he was lying to the FBI.

During today’s hearing, Robert Mueller defended the circumstances of the Flynn interview, claiming it [the set up] didn’t justify Flynn lying.



  1. When one looks at all the concerted efforts by virtually all the supporters of the Hillary campaign including the political class, tech giants, payment processors, media and members of the public it can be construed as a “War Against The Deplorables”. An exhaustive book on the subject would be a fascinating read. All the above mentioned players were supporting Clinton and we are in revenge mode by those same supporters. The Deplorables will Not Go Unpunished for their insolence.

    • Just this week we had Cohen plead guilty to a non crime, his attorney being a long time Clinton ally and subordinate. Then, Cohen appears on TV, interviewed by a longtime Clinton ally and foundation member.

  2. All this goes beyond the political sphere. As Putin is accused of going after his opponents, political and others, we are faced with a similar situation in this country. As Paul Sperry noted: “There is a coordinated and elaborate effort under way by Democratic leaders in Congress & Glenn Simpson’s dossier cronies to smear Fox News and other popular “right-wing” media outlets as colluding with Russian “disinformation” campaigns to support Trump and his agenda.” Here we see massive collusion in grandiose Putin style.

    It’s not limited to officials in Government alone. It encapsulates the powerful corporate titans of the digital industry, which not only include the likes of Twitter, Google and Facebook. They are only the surface, the public persona, as it were. Underlying the general use of the internet that many enjoy is the “means to continue”. Recently Patreon has taken the livelihood of Sargon of Akkad. This is only a microcosm of the general trend. It reaches into Paypal, credit card companies and a host of other necessary services that allow users to fulfill their aspirations.

    In order to fulfill a “need” that Patreon, Paypal and others have abandoned, a new service has come into existence, namely SubscribeStar. It wasn’t sufficient that existing services were denied arbitrarily by these companies, now there is a campaign Against the new company, SubscribeStar, for having the audacity to provide those services. It is a campaign largely by “political opponents”. In the vast majority of cases where people have services terminated, whether social or financial, the impetus is a political objection to “content”.

    We now have a “political class” in this country that would make Putin, according to accusations, very proud. I suspect even Putin doesn’t have such power in Russia, who knows. It is a concerted effort to de-humanize anyone who crosses their path in opposition. As with any disease, as this should be referred to as, it will soon metastasize and grow, as this is the intention of the culprits. Since they haven’t allowed it to be controlled it will spread farther and deeper. Eventually we will see what is now happening in France, by either the de-humanized, or even those perpetrating it. Either side will cite their own justification. For that reason we can expect the worse to happen, and “see I told you so”, will be the new mantra.

    • Been activated the minute Trump became a serious contender…and has been escalating since. The mainstream fake media, the dupes of the “establishment”, are in the vanguard of the deception and lies that are proliferating.

  3. I have a suspicion the August Grassley letter about evidence from the DIA could be the actual call that started it all. Releasing it may open up a can of worms that may shed light on the extent of extensive domestic spying.

    • This whole thing will unravel if evidence of the setup is exposed. Indictments would follow and people would start talking. At the present, they are afraid to talk, but their fears could easily change to fears of prison.

      The conspirators will block release. Trump, Whitaker or someone needs to take some risks with bold action, otherwise, we lose.

  4. I say without hesitation and without doubt this country is Evil. To be bold I will even say we are Worse than Russia. Russia makes “no” claim to be a beacon of freedom and a protector of individual rights. They do not say to the nations of the world, “look at us”, we are unique in freedom and justice. The US on the other hand does promote the ideals as the ones we embrace and fulfill. We are learning more each day how this system of ours has little difference with the Old Soviet Union.

    We have made it a criminal offense to have a political agenda that is “different” from a previous administration and its bureaucracies. The primary offense Mueller lays out is the possible policy changes a new administration may bring forth. I even believe there is a scent of anti-semitism within. One point in particular was the change in a vote regarding Israel at the UN. We know, unequivocally, that Mueller has went after many Jews in the past.

    One of the MAIN complaints of Russia, and specifically Putin, is that he willingly goes after “political opponents”. This mantra is repeated by both sides of politics, media and a host of others. When Mueller engages in the same tactics as Putin how is the US “not” like Russia, or even worse, since we are not considered a totalitarian country.

    Our system has become not one of justice, but of power over opposition. It’s not unlike the Biblical story of Abraham who sent Eliezer to Sodom. He was bloodied in an attack and went to a judge for relief. The judge ruled against him stating the man was performing a “blood-letting” and owes him a fee. In retaliation Eliezer bloodied the judge and told him to collect from the defendant. This perversion of justice isn’t unlike our own form of justice. There’s more…

    • I hope the judge will dismiss. Flynn is not going to be in jail if not.

      We need someone like Judge Sullivan to take a strong step against Mueller.

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