Fear Not! Brenda Snipes Says “The Ballots Are In the Building”


We have news for you on the Andrew Gillum and Stacey Abrams’ races and an update on the Nelson race.

Bill Nelson has no path to the Senate seat. He’s done and has been done from the beginning. He just wouldn’t accept the election results. Expect a lot more of this in 2020. The left will contest every election that’s within 4 or 5 points. Even Nelson’s lawyers say it’s over.

He isn’t conceding just yet but it might be Brenda Snipes’ fault.


To be fair, Brenda Snipes still hasn’t come up with her hand count and journalists are still waiting. She is missing 2,040 ballots, but don’t worry, the BALLOTS ARE IN THE BUILDING.

With all the attention she got, one would think she’d get this hand count right. It’s so bad you just have to laugh.

Snipes doesn’t know if they are in the building, she just figures they couldn’t have gone far.

The NBC reporter filming the fiasco said the workers moving ballots were blocking her camera for some reason.

And people call us conspiracy theorists for saying there are some shenanigans going on.


In Georgia, Abrams is pretending there is an issue of voter suppression and she plans to sue. Let her do it. The more these hard left people show their true colors, the better the chances are that people will see them and their ideology for what it is.

Her non-concession concession speech was classless whereas Gillum took the high road.

It’s unfortunate that Andrew Gillum is a hardcore leftist. He has a lot of appeal and talent although he did use the fake racism card. He is also going to use his talents to fight for a new hard-left Florida. His concession speech — his second concession speech — was a lot classier than that of the other leftist in Georgia, Stacey Abrams.

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