An Ordinary Man! Fed Ex Hero Saves U.S. Flag from Commie Flag Burners


This is a great story as long as the hero doesn’t lose his job. A Fed Ex driver saved a flag from commie flag burners and then went back to save another.

A group of protesters set fire to several American flags on the Iowa City pedestrian mall. Several bystanders let loose on the leftist idiots.

A man in a FedEx uniform, Matt Uhrin of Cedar Rapids, appeared to have had enough, having come across them in the course of his duties.

He rushed out with a fire extinguisher to put out the blaze. Uhrin took one of the flags from protesters, scuffling with a number of protesters in the process.

Uhrin declined to comment except to say his actions were not related to his employer.

One onlooker, Bob Guyer, said the act was disrespectful to military veterans.

“Probably every one of them has a relative at one point or another that died for that,” Guyer said, referring to the flag.

“That’s not free speech. Too many people have died for it,” he said.

The company’s statement, issued Friday, does not clarify whether Uhrin is facing any disciplinary action:

“FedEx has reviewed the facts of the incident and interviewed our courier to better understand what took place,” the statement said. “As with all personnel issues, we are handling the matter internally.”

Uhrin could not be reached for comment Friday. At the protest on Thursday, he also declined to comment except to say that his actions were not related to his employer.

Many view Mr. Uhrin as a hero though some want him fired or arrested.

One person tweeted he lost his job but there is no confirmation of that.

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