Fed Judge Rules Anti-Sanctuary Law Not Legal


It is not legal to try and stop the illegal sanctuary laws by demanding localities share information with ICE, The Washington Times reported.

Judge Michael M. Baylson harshly criticized President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions, saying they were “inaccurate,” at least when it comes to Philadelphia, in suggesting immigrants commit more crimes than native-born.

That’s probably true for Philly because of all the U.S.-gangs in that particular leftist city. It’s not true on a national level.

It is ironic since sanctuary laws are wholly unlawful according to federal law. The DoJ will have to come up with something more viable. Our country if falling to people who hate us or come here for our benefits in many cases.

Via The Washington Times:

And Judge Baylson rejected new conditions Mr. Sessions tried to place on sanctuaries, just as other judges have done. But the judge went further and found an existing federal law that requires states to share immigration information with federal agencies to be unconstitutional, citing a Supreme Court ruling earlier this year on sports gambling.

Known as Section 1373, the information-sharing requiring says states and localities hoping to gain access to Justice Department grant money must allow their police to exchange information with Homeland Security on the citizenship or immigration status of anyone.

The Trump administration has said that includes notifying federal officials when an illegal immigrant is being released from local custody, so deportation officers can be on hand to arrest them and put them in removal proceedings.

In march, an appeals court allowed Texas to put through their anti-sanctuary laws.

The three-judge panel of the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals stayed lower court injunctions. They had partially blocked implementation of a Texas anti-sanctuary law. A District Court will now consider the merits of the case although opponents are still free to challenge the manner in which Texas implements the law.

The Texas anti-sanctuary law (SB 4) requires jail officials to honor all requests by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). They have to hold illegal aliens for pickup and deportation; imposes civil and criminal penalties on officials who refuse detainers; allows police officers to question the immigration status of people they detain or arrest; and prohibits policies that ‘materially limit’ the enforcement of immigration laws.

There has to be a way for the feds to implement immigration law, but these judges are activists.

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