Fed Source Tells News Correspondent Bombs Were “Complete Hoaxes”


Adam Housley, a senior news correspondent has spoken with a Federal source who told him the bombs sent to top Democrats and CNN were “complete hoaxes”. Multiple wires were used when one was needed. There was no intention of harm.

So who did this and why? It seems to be for political gain.

There are many reasons to believe these bombs were hoaxes. Not one bomb went off and that seemed odd.

Isn’t it also strange that the most prominent Democrats were sent bombs in conspicuously fake packaging while the caravan mob is hurting Democrats image, shortly after the Kavanaugh assault bombed, and just before the election?

It’s not likely that any of the people targeted — Clinton, Holder, Waters, Obama — are the first to open their mail. No sane or intelligent person would think that.

All are out of government service except Waters. They aren’t all that important.

What kind of idiot Republican would send fake bombs to these people? It obviously hurts the Republican Party. The only ones who stand to benefit from this are Democrats.

Still, it could be a moronic Republican — the Republican Party has morons too — or it could be some guy’s idea of a joke to mess with the news media.

We will have to wait and see.

Meanwhile, @Jack is letting #MAGAbomber trend on Twitter, just for kicks we suppose. When Rep. Scalise was shot, we didn’t start tweeting #HopeandChangebomber.


Non-Detonating ‘Bombs’ Could Have Come From a Foreign Source

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