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Federal Wages

While we are regulating Wall Street, could we also regulate the Feds and the government unions who are living off us? Can they pay their fair share? They are getting paid 9% to 35% more than their counterparts in the private sector. It’s shameful! There will be time for them to get raises and bonuses, now is not the time [I stole most of the verbiage from President Obama in the video below.]

The Federal Times went through a Federal employees wage database and discovered that at the time President Obama was railing against bonuses for financial employees, the feds were giving at least $439 million worth of bonuses to workers. This is down only $43 million since the “strict austerity” measures.

The largest merit awards went to senior executives in Washington and air-traffic controllers, an investigation found. The highest award, $62,895, went to 16 employees from agriculture to NASA.

Fed Employee Wages Database and Federal Times: …The Obama administration has recommended a 0.5 percent pay increase for civilian federal employees that would start in January. The last raise for civilian employees was 2 percent in January 2010.

Obama instituted a pay freeze for senior White House staff making $100,000 or more on his first day in office in January 2009.

The Veterans Affairs Department, the largest department with 316,000 employees, distributed the most award money, nearly $68 million. The Department of Homeland Security gave out $61 million in awards.

The Secret Service, embroiled recently in a prostitution scandal in Colombia, handed out $6 million in bonuses, or an average of $901 per agent. The average pay for all 7,000 Secret Service employees, including support staff, was $88,219 last year.

But agents generally receive 25 percent over their base pay, according to Dan Emmett, a retired special agent who spent 21 years in the Secret Service and wrote a book, “Within Arm’s Length,” about his experiences.

This money, called Law Enforcement Availability Pay, is paid to agents who must be available to work 40 additional hours per month in addition to their normal working hours.

“If my boss knows that next Wednesday I’m going to have to travel to Istanbul with the president, that I am going to have to work a certain number of hours beyond a normal work week, that is what that pay is for,” Emmett said. “I have to stress, though, that Secret Service agents do not do it for the money. They do it for a sense of duty.”

Here is President Obama on bonuses for Wall Street. Does the government get to decide who gets bonuses?

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