Federal Judge Orders AZ Driver’s Licenses for Illegal Immigrants Citing an Illegal Law



Yesterday, U.S. District Court Judge David Campbell made permanent an injunction he issued a month ago overturning a 2012 executive order issued by Arizona’s Governor Jan Brewer which blocked young illegal immigrants from obtaining driver’s licenses which can be used to obtain federal benefits.

Mr. Obama’s illegal law was used as a basis.

Governor Brewer has been fighting Barack Obama’s unconstitutional DACA decision of 2012 and other violations of immigration law with no success.

DACA has been a lure for more illegal immigration.

Currently, the Obama administration plans to eliminate the age cap and make their parents eligible. The administration also wants to extend work permits to three years instead of two.

As it is now, Border Patrol reports that illegal immigrants are lying about their age and about being eligible.

Immigration law isn’t broken – it’s not being followed.

In November of 2012, Arizona filed suit.

In May of 2013, Judge Campbell found the policy might violate the Equal Protection Clause,however, he denied a request for an injunction to put the policy on hold.

Brewer attempted to deal with the Equal Protection Clause by including all non-citizens granted work permits through DACA.

Then, last summer, a three-judge panel decided that DREAMers could not be treated differently and the state’s policy was one of animosity towards young immigrants.

The case was ordered back to the lower court and Judge Campbell, who ordered Arizona’s Department of Transportation to provide licenses.

An appeals court said the state had no right to classify non-citizens. Only the federal government could decide that but the federal government won’t follow the law.

An appeal to the three-judge panel was denied.

Brewer appealed to the Supreme Court for a stay and it was denied.

The injunction is now permanent and it’s based on an illegal federal law.

Judge Campbell wrote:  “The court finds that the denial of driver’s licenses has caused plaintiffs irreparable harm,” he wrote, adding, “Plaintiffs have been unable to pursue new jobs or develop business opportunities because of their inability to drive.”

Again, Judge Campbell’s law was based on an illegality. It’s illegal for illegal aliens to work in this country. It is illegal in Arizona whose state law on working as an illegal was upheld by the Supreme Court of the United States.

Arizona was the first state to pass a law requiring verification of legal status to work. Providing licenses will make it easier for illegal immigrants to work in the state.

Governor Brewer responded with outrage and it will now be up to her successor, Doug Ducey to decide whether to pursue the case in court or not.

The House of Representatives recently voted to cut off funds for applications under DACA. It will be vetoed by Obama if it passes the Senate but the DHS still will not have adequate funds to cover it.

DACA is supposed to be for those who were brought here at a young age through no fault of their own but the lack of scrutiny has allowed the ineligible to apply.

This is a degradation of our law and it all traces back to Mr. Obama. The American people no longer have any control over who comes into the country and who can stay.

We will not survive as a country if our borders are collapsed.

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7 years ago

Rewriting the Constitution is not the answer. We need to enforce the laws we have without worrying about the left framing the argument . NOBODY will stand up to the left when they call everything racist.
We let them frame the debate instead of standing up and say tin enough. I don’t support Trump but look at his popularity because he represents a certain thought. The left with the help of the media and every PC idiot turn him into a clown. We need someone to stand up and say ENOUGH! That’s how we will win.