Federal Probe of Corrupt Hillary-Ally Widens


de Blasio

Communist mayor of New York City and Hillary Clinton ally and friend, Bill de Blasio is facing a widening corruption probe. Reports indicate it’s not so much a matter of finding out if he’s guilty but how many agencies he’s infected.

De Blasio recently endorsed Hillary Clinton and has worked on Hillary’s senatorial campaign. Both Bill and Hillary were at his inauguration. They are Marxist and corrupt birds of a feather.

Lanny Davis, who served as special counsel to Bill Clinton, was on The Kelly File in January, 2014, and he was asked if Hillary’s presence at the inaugural meant that she planned to take the country in the same direction that de Blasio plans to take New York City.

Davis, a good friend of the Clintons, said the Clintons are Progressive Democrats as is he. That’s what makes Democrats Democrats, he said. It is why his father loved Franklin Roosevelt.

Megyn Kelly mentioned that the new mayor, de Blasio, made some very far-left statements, particularly with his attacks on the rich. The class division that Marxists are so enamored with.

Lanny Davis said that de Blasio ‘is a good Progressive.’ He didn’t say the Clintons were to the left or right of him, he said ‘We are all Progressives.’

Davis didn’t say she would do things differently, he said she would have put it differently and say it in a different way.

Bill de Blasio once blasted an opponent’s brother as “one of the most corrupt landlords” in the city — then turned around a few years later and asked the same landlord for a campaign contribution, the Daily News reported in 2013. The corruption, scandals and lies have only grown worse.

The state Board of Elections has accused communist Mayor Bill de Blasio and his team of “willful and flagrant” violations of campaign-finance laws.

His City Hall is being portrayed as the seat of a criminal enterprise.. It begins with the election report covering the 2014 state Senate races and ends with de Blasio appearing to have sold government favors to donors, the NY Post reports.

Federal prosecutors are delving deep into the mayor’s dealings and they expect to find the corruption.

The election report alone is a felony and has been referred to Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. for prosecution. Vance has partnered with US Attorney Preet Bharara in the probe, increasing the numbers of agents working on it.

De Blasio, formerly named William Wilhelm, collected $40 billion from unions and private firms doing business in New York City including cab owners, real estate developers and anyone else who wanted and wants favors. He uses the money to further his progressive-communist agenda.

The money went into various slush funds and it’s managed by his insiders including law firms, PR and consultant shops.

In trying to help Democrats take back the state Senate in 2014, he did this sort of fundraising from City Hall in coordination with unions and his organization, Campaign for One New York,one of the slush funds.

Some of the big checks that found their way into small upstate county political committees contained the words “donation per Mayor.” New subpoenas continue to be issued.

De Blasio has been fully engaged in the politics of the election board scandal and all the deals and transactions as the NY Post reported.

Corruption is the byproduct of statism and control by a handful of greedy elitists.

The horse carriages he is obsessed with banning in New York City and Central Park is one more example of corruption.

In 2013, before being elected, he promised to ban them and eliminate the 300 jobs. The deals he has tried to make with the horse carriage drivers included allowing them to continue in smaller numbers as long as they sold their land to one of his real estate cronies.

His latest deal fell apart. He had no facts to offer and lied about dangerous accidents between pedicabs and horses, accidents which never happened.

If they give up the land the stables are on, de Blasio has promised to build them a new stable somewhere else at a cost of $25 million tax dollars.

De Blasio has taken in large sums of campaign cash from some animal rights activists, unions for competitors, and developers who want to get rid of the horses or take the land.

A union run by his cousin and a top donor to him both wrote six-figure checks to an anti-carriage horse group run by big developers that days later cut checks for the exact same amount to another group — very ironically named New York City Is Not For Sale — that promptly spent the cash, not disclosed until well after the damage was done, on TV ads that brought down then-frontrunner Christine Quinn.

That happened just as de Blasio found the carriage-horse issue, repeatedly vowing to end on “day one” of his administration an industry that very few New Yorkers saw as a scourge but that would open up what’s now vastly valuable land where the stables now sit on Manhattan’s Far West Side. The developer behind that push, Steve Nislick, wrote a “Shermanesque” statement to the Voice of the People last year vowing he wouldn’t personally profit from their closing, the NY Daily News reported.

The Post’s Rich Calder reports that anti-horse-carriage folk scored a meeting with the mayor this year just after giving his “nonprofit” a six-figure sum. The pedicab drivers didn’t have the cash so the mayor never met with them.

The Daily News wrote that De Blasio went to extraordinary lengths, including the approval of huge raises for the City Council, to do the bidding of donors who demanded the end of the beloved horse carriages.

He also used phony traffic statistics to try to crush Uber, a move that would have meant a windfall to the yellow medallion kings who donated more than $500,000 to the mayor.

The New York Post reports that this is how de Blasio operates. Whether it’s helicopter tours or “affordable” housing or controlling crowds from big corporate music “festivals,” the mayor follows the money.

The animal-rights group NYCLASS revealed Thursday that it has been subpoenaed as part of the widening corruption probe related to Mayor de Blasio’s fund-raising efforts.

News of the subpoena for the group — which is fighting to ban horse carriages in the city — came hours after de Blasio tried to rewrite history by denying he had ever promised to enforce such a ban immediately upon taking office.

In April, a New York City scandal involved lucrative gifts and cash given to current and former top officers in the NYPD, and the removal of a deed restriction and sale of a city-owned Manhattan building that netted private investors a cool $72 million profit. Both cases feature donors who contributed large sums to the mayor’s campaign and his slush fund.



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