Federal ruling in TX finds Obamacare is unconstitutional


A federal judge in Texas has ruled the Affordable Care Act unconstitutional. The judge found that the law cannot stand without the mandate that everyone must carry health insurance [people here illegally are exempted, only citizens have to follow the law] or pay a fine, Politico reported.

The problem is a constitutional one. If the government can order people to buy insurance, they can order them to buy anything.

People should keep in mind that Nancy Pelosi originally wanted imprisonment for people who don’t abide by the mandate. That is where the authoritarian Democrats become dangerous.

“The Court finds the Individual Mandate ‘is essential to’ and inseverable from ‘the other provisions’ of the ACA,” judge Reed O’Connor wrote in a late Friday ruling.

This decision will next go to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals and then the Supreme Court.

The ruling might not hold up since we already know how Justice Roberts will rule.

It puts Obamacare in the line of fire.

First, we have a lawsuit against the individual mandate and then the challenge to insurance subsidies [redistribution] will come next.  The subsidies are merely a huge redistribution of wealth.

It does put preexisting conditions on the table in that people with the more expensive illnesses might have to pay more for their insurance. The alternative is everyone pays for them. There likely is a happy medium here, and we do have that with Medicaid.

The DOJ previously refused to support the law in court. That included the concept of subsidized preexisting conditions. Now, the administration argues the entire law should be invalidated.

In terms of preexisting conditions, it’s either people with more serious illnesses pay more if they can or everyone pays for them.

The far-left Democrats want every citizen to pay for everyone else’s healthcare, vision, hearing, long-term care, and more, including for people here illegally. That is the danger when a law violates the Constitution and people go along with it based on feelings.

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