Feds Might Have Found a Way to Force Americans to Pay for Free College



In January, Education Secretary Arne Duncan praised President Obama’s proposal to provide free community college to responsible students. The word “free” is misused since someone will have to pay and that would be the US taxpayer.

The proposal doesn’t have a prayer of passing Congress but that might not stop the administration.

Arne Duncan has found another way to get Americans to pay for two years of community college and more. He’s envisioning a K-14 education system because the K-12 model is so over.

“The K-12 model has become obsolete,” Duncan said. “We need a bigger vision of what education should be,” adding that he’d like to see pre-K through 14th grade, with some form of higher education — technical education, university classes or other education — becoming the norm, according to the Courier Journal.

The Obama administration also wants to work toward “how to make grades 13 and 14 free. … We have to go to the next level. There’s not enough access to higher learning.”

If we go to grade 14 and then add higher learning all for free, it sounds like 4 free years of college. It’s education welfare.

Don’t forget this administration also wants the federal government in charge of educating children in Pre-K, from birth through Kindergarten. They want control of our children from their formative years on.

This is The Life of Julia envisioned by the Obama administration when he ran his last campaign.

Julia is a cartoon character whose life is guided by the state from birth through death.

It is the Democratic vision for us, chock full of dependency and government intervention.

William Bennett writing for CNN commented on it: “Julia’s entire life is defined by her interactions with the state. Government is everywhere and each step of her life is tied to a government program. Notably absent in her story is any relationship with a husband, family, church or community, except a “community” garden where she works post-retirement. Instead, the state has taken their place and is her primary relationship.”

Bennet warns: “As banal and hackneyed as Julia’s life of government dependence may seem, many Americans support it. After all, similar promises lured a number of European countries into overreaching and under-supported social safety nets. With the American family less intact than ever and with single motherhood at historic highs, women like Julia are increasingly left on their own. The idea of government assistance can become more and more attractive to them and even necessary.”

If we let the State control our children with their “free” education from PK – 14 and beyond, where do parents fit in? After constant schooling from age 3 or earlier in a monolithic, one-size-fits-all system, will there be a place for individual liberty?

Branco Cartoon via Conservative Daily News


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