Feds Putting Illegals Up In Resorts


Update: 22:25: Gateway Pundit reported that the plans for putting in a bid were withdrawn. They should now plan how to send them home.

The Feds have now come up with a new and improved invitation to people who are considering coming here illegally – they are putting them up in resorts.

resorts for illegals

The resort turned home for illegal aliens.

Baptist Child & Family Services (BCFS), a recipient of mega-dollars under the government’s unaccompanied alien children program for the last three years, has received a $50 million federal contract to house illegal immigrants in a resort in Weslaco Texas. They are purchasing the resort.

People need to keep in mind that a small number of the illegals are under 16 and most illegals – hundreds of thousands – are adults.


The new intake office for illegals.

Palm Aire Hotel and Suites has 600 beds and it will take 650 jobs to cover the illegals who will be placed in the facility.

Using BCFS as middle men, the government is creating jobs with our tax dollars to house people who broke into our country illegally.

illegal housing_2

They will need tennis coaches.

It will be an intake facility, according to krgv.

The Feds had their eyes on resorts for a while.

On June 24th, the Feds arrived at the Byblos Niagara Resort and Spa, a 263-room hotel in Grand Island, New York, and attempted to scout it out as home for illegals. The resort is fully booked for most of the summer.

After meeting with BCFS last week, Obama gave them more than$190,000,000 of our tax dollars to build offices in six cities and four states.

The new offices will be located in New York, NY; Miami, FL; Houston, TX; Dallas, TX; Sacramento-area, CA; and Los Angeles-area, CA,

It’s becoming very clear as to why the government is keeping housing arrangements secret while they ship them all over the country.

They won’t be shipped to liberal Maryland or liberal Connecticut though because the hypocritical liberal governors turned them away.

Jeh Johnson lied at a House hearing two weeks ago when he said the governors and city leaders were notified about the incoming illegals. Apparently, the liberal governors of Connecticut and Maryland were notified however.

Illegals have been told to say they have come out of fear and 800,000 or more have been coming each year, most using the same line, they then disappear into the country.

The surge began last year and it happened quite suddenly, indicating a large organization(s) were behind it. It was so desperate last August, that agents were renting out $99-a-night hotel rooms for them.

It’s not just south of the border, the New York Civil Liberties Union and open borders groups have been attacking the Border Patrol for questioning the citizenship of train and bus passengers near the international crossing.

Illegals can come in from the north as well.

Illegal immigrants in New York City now have municipal ID cards so they can access government services, open bank accounts and get housing, all thanks to the Marxist Mayor.

Obama won’t stop the illegal immigration because it’s what he wants.

Should a bill similar to the Senate’s massive immigration overhaul be signed into law, the Congressional Budget Office predicted that 46 million new immigrants will arrive in the U.S. at a time when the federal deficit is increasing and — according to an analysis by the anti-immigration Center for Immigration Studies– native-born Americans have gained no new jobs.

Do you remember being told that it would be 46 million illegals or do you, like me, remember 12 million?

In lieu of the law, Obama has found a way to do it by fiat.

It’s all being done to turn the country blue and satiate the greed of the large corporations who want cheap labor at all costs.

Read more at Fox News.


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