Feds Raid Offices of Former Trump Property Tax Attorney


Federal agents have reportedly raided the Chicago City Hall office of a lawyer who previously did tax work for President Trump.

The Chicago Sun Times reports that federal agents removed everyone from the office of Chicago Finance Committee Chairman Ed Burke Thursday morning, covering the floor-to-ceiling windows with brown paper.

Burke worked for Trump for more than a decade doing property tax work.

It’s always a serious concern when the Feds make surprise raids.

Burke’s law firm of Klafter & Burke has worked with Trump’s companies repeatedly to reduce the property tax that Trump Tower and his other properties in Chicago have had to pay, according to the Sun Times.

Burke is leaving the legislature, having been defeated by a little-known candidate backed by communist Jesus “Chuy” Garcia after a campaign dominated by Ed Burke’s property-tax reduction work for the tower along the Chicago River bearing the name of Donald Trump.

“This is my last day in the General Assembly. I’m sitting in my office. I can’t even go and enjoy the resolution honoring my 28 years in the General Assembly, because the reporters are down there swarming.”

Burke has a reputation of being an honorable, lawful individual.

This doesn’t sound coincidental given the day’s events with Michael Cohen. Who knows?

The entire investigation into Trump appears political. Mueller hired partisan Democrats for his team and he looks like he’s been on a fishing expedition for two years. Democrats want to impeach and kill the 2020 election. Mueller might be planning to give them some basis for it. They have the numbers in the House now to do it. It won’t get past the Senate but that’s not important.

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