Feds Seize New Mexico Ranch to Rid the West of Ranchers – Updated


This past month, the government reinforced locks and installed new fences on the private property of a rancher in New Mexico to protect a mouse and to block the cattle from a watering hole (story below); they are looking to steal land along the Red River; and they are squeezing out ranchers throughout the West, taking the land off the tax roles and turning it over to mice, chicken, lizards, and frogs.

The land grabs began more than two decades ago.

Thanks to the extremists involved in The Wildlands Project of 1992 and their cozy relationship with greedy government bureaucrats, ranchers throughout the West are being squeezed off their land.  They work in conjunction with liberal Federal judges who aid and abet the theft.

Ranchers are being squeezed off their land, having their cattle seized and being refused water and grazing rights so the government can take over Western land and declare it “open spaces.” The government often leases the land and makes money off it.

One ranch that was seized using the same tactics as in the Cliven Bundy case was the Diamond Bar in New Mexico owned by Kit and Sherry Laney.

Kit and Sherry Laney

Kit and former wife Sherry Laney

The case which began in 1994 was critical in determining whether or not the government could be stopped as it seizes all ranch land in the West over grazing permits. They charge for licenses and then gradually reduce the number of herd a ranch is allowed to graze until they can’t possibly make enough money to survive. The government often seizes the cattle or the ranch or closes off the government land needed for grazing and levies heavy fines, bankrupting the ranchers.

Before I go on, you need to know about The Wildlands Project. It is an outgrowth of the UN Agenda 21, which is often referred to as a conspiracy theory despite the fact that it is clearly described on the UN and ICLEI websites.


The Wildlands Project, now called the Wildlands Network, works in coordination with the government and other extremist groups. They have “set aside the goal of preserving 50% of the North American continent as ‘wild land’ for the preservation of biological diversity,” according to their own stated goals on their website. It conforms to the UN plan outlined in the map above.

The Wildlands plan is to create larger public lands by acquiring private lands adjoining public lands.

“Re-wilding” the land that they have set aside for nature requires moving humans into human settlements.

David Foreman, former board member of Sierra Club, is the current Director of the Rewilding Institute. He believes, as do many of his colleagues, that we must control human population growth. “We must stabilize and then reduce population to stop driving extinction of species, destruction of ecosystems, and production of greenhouse gases,” he said.

Foreman is the Founder of Earth First which he described as a warrior society in the 1980′s. It is believed he has engaged in assault and vandalism and has promoted violence.

How Foreman sees humans in relation to the rest of the world is clear: “An individual human life has no more intrinsic value than does an individual Grizzly Bear life. Human suffering resulting from drought and famine in Ethiopia is tragic, yes, but the destruction there of other creatures and habitat is even more tragic.”

That statement explains why they want to preserve at least half the United States for animals, insects and plants.

Laney’s Diamond Bar was one of the many ranches in the crosshairs of the environmental extremists and the government land grabbers. The ranch is on 180,000 acres of beautiful land. The environmental concern in his case at the time was a fish.

Diamond Bar

Diamond Bar allotment, Gila National Forest

Laney’s ancestors began the The Laney Cattle Company in 1883. The first person to make good use of the water received the water rights according to a policy of “prior appropriation” of water rights. The government withdrew from the land in 1899. Court cases determined that land to which others have claims or rights cannot be considered “public land”.

In 1905, the Forest Service worked out a deal with the land owners to allocate the water and charge a fee. In 1934, The Taylor Grazing Act allowed the government to license the area. Ranchers didn’t know it would one day strip them of their rights.

Laney purchased the Diamond Bar next to the Laney ranch in 1985. As part of the sale, Laney was required to make certain improvements to the watering systems. Environmentalists pressured the Forestry Service to ban all mechanized methods and Laney agreed. The allotment provided for 1,188 head of cattle. In 1995, the government reduced the number of cattle to 300, which is the tactic they use to squeeze out ranchers.

Laney refused to sign the permits.

He established a clear chain of title showing continuous private ownership of the water rights and the attendant grazing rights on the land that is now claimed by the government.

The Federal courts, in cahoots with the government, did not agree.

For 100 years, ranchers and the government worked together but now that the land is being reserved by Marxists for “open spaces”, ranch land is being stolen, putting ranchers out of business.

Some ranchers are fighting back, especially Wayne Hage who went to law school so he could afford to do it.

Laney’s hope rested in a decision in the Wayne Hage case. [Update: The Laneys divorced and apparently gave up the fight.]

Listen to the story of Wayne Hage:

In 2002, Judge Loren Smith ruled in the similar case of Wayne Hage that he established a chain of title to the fee lands to which the federal government laid claim. Hage lost his cattle but the government was ordered to reimburse him. The Hage family has not seen one dime of the settlement.

The Hage decision has sent ranchers across the West rushing to courthouses, searching for and documenting the “chain of title,” to the land, grazing and water rights.

Hage, one of the last ranchers left in that area, is still trying to save his ranch from government overreach.

The government is trying to confiscate land in New Mexico by shutting off water to the cattle. The New Mexico ranchers are fighting the government. In their case, there were no laws broken, no grazing fees unpaid. The government claims that the water needed for cattle must be protected for a jumping mouse.

In that case, a “facilitated discussion” was held Friday morning in Albuquerque at the U.S. Attorney’s Office between officials from Otero County representing the ranchers and about a dozen representatives of the federal government, including the U.S. Forest Service and the U.S. Department of Justice. But no agreement was reached between the two sides, according to Blair Dunn, the county’s attorney.

“Basically, the Forest Service said they don’t have the authority, and neither did DOJ or anyone at that meeting, to just allow the gate to be opened,” Dunn told New Mexico Watchdog.

The Wild Earth Guardians is insisting the fence blocking the cattle from the water must be kept up.  A 10 feet hole has been cut in the fence but it’s hardly enough for the cattle.

One rancher involved said, “Our fight was about our land. They wanted me to put a fence 180 feet from my creek and keep my livestock from using it. I paid for that land, and I’ll be damned if the feds are going to tell me I can’t use even a sliver of it. The access to water was a huge selling point when I bought it too. Not only that but I have land on both sides, so all the land on the east side past 180′ would have been inaccessible as well.”

Listen to the story on this video:

video via pumabydesign

Ranch land along the Red River is also being targeted by the BLM. The government claims the boundary between Oklahoma and Texas has moved along with the Red River. In that case, the Texas AG is siding with the ranchers.

The government now owns 52% of Western land and 29% of the land in the nation. President Carter grabbed 50 million acres in Alaska, President Clinton took 1.7 million acres from Utah and locked up another 5.9 million acres around the coutnry.

Then there is the secret internal memo by the Obama administration which then Senator DeMint exposed in 2010.

The memo revealed plans for the federal government to seize more than 10 million acres from Montana to New Mexico, halting job-creating activities like ranching, forestry, mining and energy development. Worse, this land grab would dry up tax revenue that’s essential for funding schools, firehouses and community centers.

The 21-page document, marked “Internal Draft-NOT FOR RELEASE,” names 14 different lands Mr. Obama could completely close for development by unilaterally designating them as “monuments” under the 1906 Antiquities Act.

It says all kinds of animals would be better off by doing so, like the coyotes, badgers, grouse, chickens and lizards.

The government claimed at the time it was only for discussion but it’s actually happening.

At the time there were 13.9 million acres on the government’s shopping list, including 58,000 acres in New Mexico which they hoped to seized for the prairie chicken or the lizard to keep them from becoming endangered.

The government is seizing land from the states without their permission and they are stealing adjacent private lands.

As an aside, in addition to the preservation of land and water rights for “open spaces”, the environmentalists believe people should refrain from eating red meat because it allegedly causes a bigger carbon footprint.

People like to say that Mr. Obama and his administration give in to their extremist environmental base, but in fact, Mr. Obama and his team are the extremist base. They are them.

Edited after publication



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Brent Bishop
Brent Bishop
7 years ago

I attended a presentation by Rene Holaday several months ago in Moses Lake Wa. She is first class. Pleases listen to her and read her book.

Alene Lindstrand
Alene Lindstrand
7 years ago

The video I just viewed… looked a little like rednecks out for some drunken sport since there was no threat. Oh sorry, I didn’t mean to disparage rednecks. Can’t find an appropriate word for what I saw. Maybe “murderders?” Government murderers.

Rene' Holaday
7 years ago

My name is Mrs. Rene’ Holaday. I am the author of an Agenda 21 book called “The Perils of Sustainable Development”. You can look it up on Amazon.com, but I no longer sell it through their website, as their billing procedure has some serious issues. You can order it directly from me at our website at : http://www.theperilsofsustainabledevelopment.com/ It has done very well across the nation and has largely sold in bulk to various property rights organizations, mining groups, oil groups, etc.

I am also willing to come and talk to groups about what is happening with this whole issue through the eyes of the UN Agenda 21. While my book is not about my own land problems, they had tried AND FAILED to take my land through the Dept of Ecology as well. Same as with the rancher above- they told me I had to fence off around my creek so my horses could not get to the water and I refused, based upon the 5th and the 14th Amendments, citing Due Process was REQUIRED. They told me “Oh- that’s not the way we work!!” And I said “What do you mean- you mean you don’t follow the law??” And they said “We will just fine you until the amount of our fines add up to the value of your property, and then we’ll just have the Sheriff come in and remove you, your family, and your horses, and we will assume your WHOLE farm!” I asked the amount of the fines and they told me “$10,000 PER DAY until we complied.” Which is also against the law, as that is “excessive fines”, prohibited by the 8th Amendment:
Amendment VIII:
Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.

I outright refused, claiming that was extortion and coercion and that both of those things were also illegal under State Law. I refused based on my Const. rights according to the 5th and 14th Amendments, plus the corresponding State Constitution rights. Eventually, I ran for County Commissioner and then the State Senate Appointee position, with my whole basis being to stop Agenda 21/Sustainable Development in my area.
My State Rep backed me on my property rights issue, and got them off my back. It was truly a miracle from God because they honestly are like being a bleeding seal trying to get away from a Great White shark. They are a TERROR to the people, and seek to not only put you out of business, but to rob you blind and destroy you for the rest of your life. The whole time, WE are paying their salaries!! VERY VERY SCARY!! Talk about domestic terrorists- it’s them- the DoE and EPA.
Since then, I have started a state chapter of the Citizens Alliance for Property Rights(CAPR) and I would really like for everyone to read what our group fought back with against the tyrant WA State Attorney General and the WA Greenie Governor. It made them back off. PLEASE read this info and pass it on so people can take a legal stand in the same manner and not get mowed down by the tyrants and domestic terrorists that are in the Agencies and Federal Govt. http://www.capr.us/STEVENS/
People in the cities who are reading about these issues have to understand, in regard to the Constitution, that IT’S THE LAW. I am totally blown away by how few people from the cities understand that very basic fact. Most have never read it and believe media who report on it as being some sort of conspiracy theory or “out there subject”. CRAZY. Nonetheless, we must remind people “the Constitution” means “ITS THE LAW”.
My CAPR group has realized that we, the people, are the ones adhering to the law, and it’s the agencies, states, counties, and feds that are BREAKING THE LAW. They are NOT above the law. In fact, I personally told a couple FBI that my group and the FBI were on the same side, as we are both attempting to hold people to the law. I also invited them to attend all our property rights meetings, either on a personal level interest in property rights, or as an investigation for their job. They were invited, as I viewed them as being on the same side of the law that we are. That was last year of course, and in light of their lawless bloodthirst in OR, I may recall that invitation, as now they are acting lawlessly as well, and I have zero tolerance for that garbage!
You can also contact me by email at mrromantico@earthlink.net with any questions. I can also be found online, on the radio, on youtube, etc.
We must NOT let LaVoy’s murder be for no good reason. That was a good honest man that was fighting on the side of the law and for property/water rights. The only domestic terrorists in that case are very scary people in the BLM, and all the other related people who are willing to act lawlessly against the landowners and STEAL their land and water. God says “Though shalt not steal”, “Though shalt not covet the neighbor’s things”, “Though Shalt not murder”, “Though shalt not bear false witness.” So they are breaking God’s laws as well.
Most of the people commenting against the group in OR are paid to do so and work for various branches of the govt. who are paid to post their garbage in attempt to sway public opinion. I know that for a fact, since when I was working against the NAIS(National Animal Identification System- that sought to RFID microchip every animal on the planet) in 2006-2009, an anti-NAIS website had traced the pro-NAIS comments (that match the modern ones) and all the pro-NAIS comments heckling the farmers, were all traced back to USDA offices! The USDA was the major branch pushing to implement the NAIS in the first place. WOW! There’s reality for you. So chances are that most of the nasty commenters on the OR case are just paid stooges in different federal branches posting for a job of “swaying public opinion.” They are just a form of passive crowd control and I find them to be ultimately annoying.
Anyway, we have to fight for what is ours, otherwise we never deserved it in the first place. We can fight back legally and we MUST adhere to the Constitution- ITS THE LAW!

7 years ago

This concern for jumping mice and coyotes and turtles dovetails nicely with the Statists’ desire to herd people onto reservations, called cities, doesn’t it? Let’s all have a group hug.

Diamond Bar tramp
7 years ago

You’re so amazing.I admire you.☺