Feds Send Hundreds Of Unaccompanied Illegal Alien Children To Chicago



National Review Online reports that HHS brought 430 unaccompanied alien children to Chicago – gangland – and placed them in the care of the far-left charity, Heartland Alliance. Heartland joined at the hip with an open borders group called the National Immigrant Justice organization.

Another 319 were place with family members or sponsors in Illinois.

Senator Mark Kirk has concerns about whether the children have criminal backgrounds in their home countries and sent letters to El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras requesting information about whether the embassies have done background checks on the UACs.

I’m sure they won’t send him any information.

I have dealt with illegal immigrant children in New York for decades and they are almost always older than what they say they are. It helps them stay in this country. I had students who claimed they were 12 years old and they were obviously full-grown men.

Chicago is the home of the Sinaloa cartel.

About half of the estimated $65 billion worth of illegal cocaine, heroin, and other narcotics that Americans buy each year enters the United States via Mexico, according to law enforcement experts (though the drugs often originate in South or Central America). More than half of that is believed to be supplied by Sinaloa. Drug enforcement experts estimate, conservatively, that the cartel’s annual revenues exceed $3 billion: more than those of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange Group.

In Chicago, the cartel has a near monopoly.

“I’d say 70 to 80 percent of the narcotics here are controlled by Sinaloa and Chapo Guzmán,” says Jack Riley, director of the DEA’s Chicago office. “Virtually all of our major investigations at some point lead back to other investigations tied to Sinaloa.”


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