Feds Sponsoring Mass Invasion By 300 Hundred Thousand Illegals



The Federal government is sponsoring an invasion by illegal immigrants – most of whom are adults – and this is only the beginning. Mr. Obama will not stop. If he gets his rewrite of immigration law, he will abuse that as he is abusing our current law, the one he was sworn to uphold.

We know there are 50,000 children of illegals coming into the country, but what people aren’t being told is that 240,000 illegal and un-vetted adults have also been taken into the country, and those are the ones we know about. Mr. Obama is not only allowing them to stay – he will deport no one or almost no one – he is the one sponsoring their illegal immigration.

The ICE union leaders have reported that they only catch a third of the illegals coming into the country and that’s when they don’t have 70% of their numbers caretaking.

Todd Starnes of Fox News Radio has contacts in these refugee camps. One of his sources said “it’s a tsunami of people and I don’t know what we can do to make it stop…it’s more serious than people realize.”

Starnes has multiple sources inside the refugee camps and inside the agency that has been hired by the government to run this debacle. The nurses and doctors working with these people have been threatened with firing and arrest if they speak out. The threats are coming directly from the federal government.

GOP Rep. Bridenstine of Oklahoma was refused admittance to one of the facilities by an an HHS official.

The organization contracted to handle this influx, the BCFF (Baptist Child and Family Services) is being directed by the Federal government to say nothing.

Sources say that the unaccompanied children are being told what to say and don’t know why they were sent to this country. Many of the children want to go back to their mothers and fathers in their native country, his sources say.

This is a government-sanctioned invasion of our country.

We don’t even know who these children are being sent to in the United States when their parents are back in their home country. The Federal government is sponsoring kidnapping. The children and their families are being given misinformation so their children can be brought to the United States as distractions.

It’s also unaffordable and will eventually help collapse our economic system.

The Washington Post reported that Fairfax County is overwhelmed with illegals. Forty percent of their kindergarten class can’t speak English.

We need to hire teachers who are fluent in English and Spanish. This is a serious tax burden.

The workers in these camps are being paid a great deal of money, all on the taxpayers dime. At Lackland Air Force Base, many of the workers are making $5,000 a week.

The president who claims to care about the middle class and income inequality is doing everything in his power to destroy the middle class in this country.

Eventually, America’s chickens will come home to roost which is exactly what Barack Obama wants. He sat in Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s church for twenty years absorbing his lessons.

This invasion is not about children. It’s never been about the children. They are tools of the trade.



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