Feinstein Doesn’t Know If Kavanaugh Accuser Is Truthful, We Kid You Not!


Senator Dianne Feinstein seems to be getting cold feet over her traumatized victim Christine Blasey Ford. She thinks Blasey is a woman that has been “profoundly impacted”. Possibly, but from what? Trump Derangement Syndrome?

She also doesn’t know if “everything is truthful.”

In case you don’t believe she’s actually saying this, here’s the video.

So many of Blasey’s accusations are sketchy at best. She doesn’t remember the year of the attack or even when the attack took place. She told no one until 2012, didn’t name Judge Kavanaugh, and she said four boys were in the room [therapist notes]. Now she says two boys were in the room and the therapist’s notes were wrong.

Well, if they’re wrong, she has no evidence.

The professor is a leftist Hillary Clinton supporter and she’s anti-Trump. Her timing was odd at best.

She claimed she wanted to remain anonymous but in August she hired a hard-left attorney and took a lie detector test administered by the hard-left attorney’s people.

The FBI won’t investigate because they say there is no crime here.

If that’s not enough, she might not testify after all. Allegedly, she might testify but there are all kinds of questions she can’t be asked.

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