Female injustice! Video of Omar comparing US unfavorably to Somalia


Rep. Ilhan Omar thinks Somalia is ahead of the United States when it comes to justice for women. In fact, there is nothing she thinks is better in the States than in Somalia that I can recall.

Her anti-Semitism is well-known as is her contempt for America. Not everyone knows how deep that hatred of America goes.

For example, there is her hatred of our soldiers.

The United States Army was the villain in the “Black Hawk Down” incident in Somalia, U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., wrote in a 2017 Twitter post, Steve Emerson of The Investigative Project reminds us.

The U.S. mission in Somalia was to protect starving Somalis and to keep their food from being stolen by warring factions. Nowhere near thousands died as she claimed in the tweet, not even hundreds. Only 113 militiamen died.

This is Ilhan Omar’s take on the 19 Americans killed during the Battle of Mogadishu when US soldiers faced off against massive militia loyal to a Somali warlord. She is obviously not on our side.

Omar is not honest and not a word she says can be trusted. A new video just emerged in which she compares the U.S. to Somalia unfavorably in terms of women’s equality.

As she spoke, this is how her audience looked:

Rep. Ilhan Omar appeared on the “Deprani show,” a Somali news show, following her election to Minnesota’s House of Representatives. It was fully segregated.

Omar praised the country’s efforts empowering women and sought to contrast that with America’s — with America coming out on the short end.

According to a translation of the remarks, she did not bother to raise the matter of the audience’s segregation during that 2016 speech, Fox News reports.

During her remarks, Omar praised Puntland, the semi-autonomous regional territory of Somalia, for setting the goal of a 30 percent quota for women in legislative positions.

“There in America [we are] yet to achieve that, so, we’re looking for that justice and the same justices for the different races, genders and everything,” she said, according to the translation.

She really needs to go back to Somalia and serve in office there.

She claims she’s all for solidarity. Let her achieve that in Somalia. We have it here.

Katie Hopkins warned us about Omar:

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3 years ago

” … she compares the U.S. to Somalia unfavorably in terms of women’s equality.”

Somalia, unlike the primitive U.S., is the land of social justice for a woman … where genital mutilation is legally practiced; a man can legally marry little girls and ‘beat’ his *wives*; a woman is prohibited to wear a bra; and stoning or whipping a woman to ‘death’ is punishment for rape, or if she has committed adultry.
Women’s equality is the forced covering of hair & body, for modesty (?), and having fewer rights than men.
And those are just a few, of many, great reasons (sarc) why Omar should return home.

Kevin Bearly
Kevin Bearly
3 years ago

She misses the days when she could run around naked chucking spears at her neighbors before shrinking their heads and eating them in her human offal hut.

Love it or GTFO
Love it or GTFO
3 years ago

She could always go back to the mud hut in her glorious homeland if she doesn’t like America.
How dare those evil racist whitey cracka honkeys taking her out of the golden motherland and trying to make her a good little capitalist pig.

Kevin Bearly
Kevin Bearly
3 years ago

She did not live in a mud hut. It was made of human offal. The shrunken heads of her neighbors hung on the the sides of the crap house.

3 years ago

How about starting a Go Fund Me campaign for a one way ticket to Mogadishu for Omar and her husband(s)?

herbert r richmond
3 years ago

What a disgrace, she now wants a quota system for allocating serving in congress doing away with elections.