Female Obama Kamala Opens Her Campaign by RACE BAITING


The female Obama Kamala Harris attracted 20,000 for her speech in Oakland this weekend. It’s hard to know if they are real supporters or MoveOn and other leftist groups put the word out. In any case, it was a bigger crowd than Obama got, but she is an Oakland daughter.

Her opening salvo was aimed at dividing the races. She will be another race-baiter who attacks police.

“Let’s speak the truth that too many unarmed black men and women are killed in America,” Harris told the crowd in California. “Too many black and brown Americans are being locked up from mass incarceration to cash bail, to policing, our criminal justice system needs drastic repair. Let’s speak that truth.”

“I’m running to fight for an America where no mother or father has to teach their young son that people may stop him, arrest him, chase him or kill him because of his race,” Harris said.

She is very far-left and supports Medicare for all, anti-bank-ism, universal pre-K and climate change.

Her speech included fake laughter at nothing funny.

She wants people to believe she is for all the people, just like another faker — Barack Obama.



Awesome! Corrupt ‘Female Obama’ Kamala HarrIs Is Running for President



  1. The United States can’t survive anymore race-baiting presidents. We have had enough of identity politics which don’t reflect who we are as a people.

    You have only to look at how Kamala Harris treated Justice Kavanaugh during those hearings to know what kind of presidential candidate she is.

  2. Read ‘The Politically Incorrect Guide to “Communism/The Killingest Idea Ever by Pauk Kengor. “Communist have worked to promote and exploit the image of African-Americans as halpless, helpless victims, the subjugated, suffering servants of a racist, rapacious, callous American capitalist system that would prefer them in chains or shot dead in the streets. This is the picture inevitably painted by communist groups–from CPUSA in the 1930’s to the Revolutionary Communist Party today, including the Socialist Democratic Party of today.”

  3. 95% of Blacks murdered were murdered by other Blacks and 60% of murdered Caucasians were murdered by Blacks. Those numbers may not be exact but the are within 5%. The exact number is documented by the FBI. Also private research in 2006 found there are at least 12 Americans suffer violent deaths every day, either by murder or as the result of other illegal acts, by people in our country illegally. I will bet that number is much higher today.

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