Ferguson Police Criticized After Addict Shoots Brother in the Face


A heroine addict in Ferguson shot his brother in the face Tuesday. He was possibly high on drugs. Officers surrounded the building where the brother was shot and another location before the armed suspect was found and arrested.

Police were told the shooter was losing his mind because of drugs.

This shouldn’t have been nationwide news but it is because it’s Ferguson.

The entitled people were angry that there were a lot of police, they were angry that police were there without  mental health professionals, and protesters appeared at the scene though they couldn’t possibly know why they were there.

Check this next tweet out and explain to me why police are now responsible for deploying mental health professionals when an addict shoots his brother in the face? The police will then have to be responsible for the mental health professional in a standoff?

Excuse me but the man was a drug addict who just shot his brother in the face.

Protesters showed up but didn’t know why obviously.

This is bizarre.

Also bizarre.

A normal person.

On a different note, the Michael Brown dedication tree was cut down within 24 hours of the ceremony. Michael Brown is the thug criminal whose death led to the riots/protests.


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