Ferguson Protesters React Violently to Lawyer Saying New Video Is Doctored


The media is pushing a new documentary featuring Michael Brown on a store cam ostensibly exchanging drugs for cigarillos in the wee hours of the morning he died. The fiasco is stirring up more hate and confusion. A lawyer for the market told a new crop of protesters the video on the documentary was edited and immediately after he said it, he had to go for cover.

The premise by the filmmaker is that Brown wasn’t really a thief, he was just “exchanging” drugs for cigarillos and, when he returned to the store later in the day, he was just picking them up.

It’s completely made up but the media is running with it.

Were all that even true, it still does not affect the culpability of the now-deceased attacker. Michael Brown died, not because of the robbery or drug “exchange”, he died because he assaulted a cop, tried to take his gun, and then charged him at full speed.

The Ferguson market and the owners are once again being terrorized because of the documentary.

Protesters outside the market became riled up when the lawyer for the market Jay Kunzler tried to explain to them that the video the filmmaker released had been edited and didn’t actually show everything that had occurred, including that there was no drug deal or “exchange”, as Brown’s mother calls it.

It wasn’t that the new clip was inaccurate, the lawyer said, it was that the entire video tells a different story.

The lawyer said the facts would be explained in a full video he planned to release by Monday. He further said it showed nothing relevant to the case.

After that exchange, the lawyer had to seek cover in the market for his own protection. Shots were fired at some point.

Someone tried to set a cop car on fire.

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