Ferguson Protesters Torment Innocent Motorists, Sing Hateful Christmas Carols


The Ferguson protests/riots support fake causes and promote hatred of police. They are run by far leftists and their followers.

Occupy Portland protesters are a case in point.

Pretending they are protesting on behalf of black youth murdered by cops, the Occupy Portland crew blocked a busy road yesterday, got into shouting matches with drivers, and sung Christmas carols such as “Deck the halls with rows of dead cops” and “Cop free Christmas”. They chanted “What do we want? NO COPS”.

A world with these people and no cops is not a world I want to live in, at least not without my AK-15 which Governor Cuomo won’t let me have.

The Occupiers were supported by the Democratic party:

They are comprised of assorted anarchists, communists and socialists who hope to overthrow the government. Right now they are trying to overthrow the legal system.

Then there are the communist party people.

Check out the signs by the Revolutionary Communist Party – revcom.us



video via Weasel Zippers and Laughing at Liberals

In this next video, they’re harassing an elderly driver, droning on with mindless chants:

Meanwhile, Erica Garner, one of the daughters of Eric Garner, tweeted the link to the addresses of two officers involved in her father’s death. She is now seeing herself as the victim and blaming the police from her twitter account, claiming they set her up. She has lots of enablers supporting her in her efforts, many from the Occupy movement and other far-left groups.

faux plot to frame Erica

In fairness, maybe she didn’t realize what she was doing as she says.

Eric Garner is the sympathetic cause of the causes which are almost completely non-causes.

An officer killing a criminal is not a cause.

The reason for these riots/protests doesn’t hold up. Maybe because it’s not about race relations. It’s about revolutionaries overturning our system.



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