Ferguson Update: Rioters, Looters, Communists ‘Stay the Course’ of Kristallnacht


In general, the racists aren’t the police. The racists are the far-left – the irrational and dangerous far-left – who use minorities to further statism and who have no problem encouraging minorities to abort their babies and who hope to enslave them to the State with entitlements.

We are currently being ruled by a minority of sick people and we will not react. Many of our elected officials have the moral substance of a raccoon and they will do nothing.

While the nihilists [which is the rejection of all religious and moral principles, often in the belief that life is meaningless] in our society riot and loot, Sen. Dianne Feinstein thought it a good time to rehash the CIA “torture” events of nearly a decade ago. She is one of them.

These riots are anti-Semitic and include Islamo-Fascists among their ranks.

The heroes of the traditional American are George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Douglas Mac Arthur, and so on but their heroes are dope heads, a hoodlum named Michael Brown, Saul Alinsky, Malcolm X when he was violent, Louis Farrakhan, the New Black Panthers, the Castro brothers, and so on. That should be all you need to know.

From CNS News: Scholar, best selling author, and talk radio host Rabbi Daniel Lapin said the rioting and looting in Ferguson, Mo., over the non-indictment of the police officer who shot Michael Brown were the result of the “dark pathology of liberalism” and, in its “delight in destruction,” echoed the “Kristallnacht in Germany.”

The Ferguson riots are the communist-socialist Occupy Wall Street movement on steroids. They have spread nationally and globally as did the Occupy movement. This one is more dangerous however because they’ve managed to make it about race though there is no evidence that it is about race. They have taken a handful of isolated cases and generalized them into race war fodder.

Harvard Medical School students joined students from some 40 other medical schools across the country Wednesday in protesting the deaths and racial inequality in medical treatment.


On Monday, more than a 1,000 protested in Berkeley,shutting down Interstate 80 and stopping a train in the third night of demonstrations.

The riots continue with staged photos by far-left “peaceful protesters” who are “staying the course” for the Obama administration.

The man below objected to windows being broken on one street and was beaten with a hammer by “peaceful protesters” not the police [via Berkeleyside].

man hit with hammer

One of the staged photos:

no racist pigs

The far left is organized and they stage everything.

Another crazy person who wants to destroy law enforcement in this country:

Crazy woman

And there are the lovely children:

lovely children

If you check out some of the comments on the websites reporting on the violence, you will find a lot of people who really believe they have the right to start trouble, create mayhem, and inconvenience people over this faux crisis in race relations.

The Revolutionary Communist Party is very involved. They are a Chicago-based organization whose primary platform is perpetual revolution. They like to provoke physical responses from police so they can in turn drive people out into the streets.

Ferguson commies

This is a sign of a very sick nation and we can thank the amoral left for it.

Black Congressional staffers have planned a protest against the grand jury decisions in the Brown and Garner cases Thursday afternoon during work hours. Whites were not invited.

The Daily Beast quotes one staffer as saying: “As black staffers on Capitol Hill, we saw a stark disconnect,” the event organizer said. “While we hold education credentials and broad access in the overall political system, often when we walk outside, we contend with the fact that we are seen as dangerous, merely because of the color of our skin.”

These people are paranoid and they don’t accept personal responsibility for anything.

Attendees will be: The Congressional Black Associates, Senate Black Legislative Staff Caucus, the Brooke-Revels Society, the Congressional African Staff Association, the African American Women on the Hill Network, theCongressional Asian Pacific American Staff Association and the Congressional Hispanic Staff Association.

Whites and the majority of blacks who are normal had better start speaking up and demand the same respect from the far left that they want from us.

This insane line of thought is aided and abetted by the far left professors who make outlandish decisions, like permitting law students take leave from their exams if they’re “upset” over the Ferguson and Garner decisions. Who would want a wimp like that as a lawyer?

Columbia is even offering counseling and emotional support.

Riots in Berkeley are wreaking havoc. One UC Berkeley Professor offered deadline extensions for rioters injured in the act of causing mayhem.


The Professor didn’t like the responses she got and tweeted this:

crazy Prof

She is now claiming she was threatened and that of course made the CBS local News.

These are the people teaching our children and running our congress.

“I can’t breathe” either but for different reasons than the rioters, oops, I mean “peaceful protesters.”


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