Ferguson: What Obama Has Wrought Is Coming to 90 Cities


Barack Obama is a supporter and an instigator of the Ferguson riots. He hopes to parlay Ferguson into a national movement which he can use to force more big government on the American public.

Ferguson is out of control and he is no small part of it.

The Ferguson and Jennings schools will be closed Monday and Tuesday according to the St. Louis Dispatch. Jennings is a suburb close to Ferguson.

Police families are leaving town or have gone into hiding. Ferguson residents are arming themselves and storekeepers have boarded up their stores in preparation.

One hundred FBI agents have been sent to Ferguson ahead of the announcement.

Hundreds of civil rights lawyers have descended on the little hamlet from all over the country to straighten out the police. The ACLU has called them in and they will “take an aggressive legal posture, the attorneys said, filing quick fire lawsuits to fight potentially shoddy jail conditions, onerous bail bonds and civil rights abuses,” according to yahoo news.

Ferguson “protesters (New Black Panthers) can be seen in the video exercising their First Amendment rights chanting about the death of Officer Wilson:

Police are preparing the rules of engagement with the protesters and rioters in Ferguson Friday. The police say the Grand Jury is still in session but a decision might be reached Friday with an announcement any day, possibly Monday.

Supposedly there are talks underway with Officer Darren Wilson to accept his resignation.

The absurdity of the reaction to the death of Michael Brown continually rears its ugly head.

Check out the verdict mental health tips from Missouri State Senator Marie Chappell Nadal:

Ferguson mental health tips

The Missouri governor has called up the National Guard and gun sales have greatly increased. The protesters are being maced by police and they are macing them back.

The Ferguson protests have been taken over by the same people who ran Occupy Wall Street. Call this Occupy Wall Street II. The Ferguson outsiders are the same communists, anarchists, and radical Muslim groups who were behind Occupy Wall street though Ferguson includes black liberation groups.

It’s an excuse to act badly, further their cause, and it’s Obama’s hope that they will “stay the course” if one is to believe Al Sharpton, his close advisor.

Photo below was taken in Ferguson, not on Wall Street:

Occupiers take over

Bloomberg reported that the “The Ferguson National Response Network and Ferguson Action, a coalition of groups in the St. Louis area, list details of demonstrations in almost 90 cities in 34 states and Canada.”

Ferguson National Response Network

They have planned events on college campuses, in parking lots, in parks, some will be the day of the announcement, others after.

Barack Obama will undoubtedly express sympathy for those rioting while calling them “protesters”..

This is a great distraction but it’s also a tool of an ideologue who rules by crisis. Obama and his far-left cohorts go from crisis to crisis and use these crises as an excuse to put big government in charge.

Police no longer threaten potential rioters, they beg them to obey within the confines of civil society and within the law. That’s what this administration has forced on the police who do not receive his support.

Boston Police Commissioner William Evans pleaded with students to maintain peace and civility:

“We are asking students to be mindful that there may be outside agitators trying to provoke and instigate otherwise peaceful protests. I ask that if public demonstrations occur as a result of the decision they are done with respect to our neighbors and businesses, responsibly and peacefully.”

Then there are the Occupier sympathizers like Oakland Mayor Jean Quan who wrote a letter on behalf of Ferguson in which she took the remarkable step of announcing where and when the city’s protests would be taking place “to raise awareness about these events, not to alarm, and so that you may plan ahead.”

Civil-rights activist and White House advisor, Al Sharpton, said his organization will hold vigils at federal courthouses in 25 U.S. cities.

AG Eric Holder released a video statement in which, I believe, he showed his contempt for the police. He basically told them hands off the “protesters” who are just expressing their First Amendment rights. He revamped police procedures, told them what equipment and uniforms they can wear and said there was bias in the department, not mentioning the bias of the “protesters”.

He did say most of the officers behaved honorably during the protests.

What about the many dishonorable “protesters” who aren’t even from Ferguson?

He did call for peace from the protesters after riling them up for months.

Holder believes in peaceful protests except when they are in the Tea Party.

He wants a national movement to reform the police.


It can be assumed that they will all  “stay the course” as Obama ordered. Isn’t it time for people to wake up to who and what Obama and his allies are and where their goals will take us?


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