Ferguson’s “Peaceful Protesters” Plan Bombings and Killings As Holder Protects Their Rights


Two members of the New Black Panthers have been involved in a bomb plot and were arrested this past Friday. Others are running around Ferguson verbally and physically assaulting police and still others are threatening to kill people if Officer Wilson isn’t indicted on a murder charge, but Eric Holder has their backs. He’s issued guidance on how the police should treat the “protesters” with respect and show tolerance for diversity.

He’s always on point isn’t he?

The New Black Panthers (NBP) are the group Eric Holder allowed to escape justice in the Philly voter bullying case. The NBP also offered rewards for anyone who would kill the white Hispanic George Zimmerman in the Trayvon Martin shooting. And they put a bounty on the head of the the guilty-without-trial Officer Darren Wilson.

Two members of the group have been arrested for buying explosives to make pipe bombs which they planned to detonate during protests in Ferguson once the announcement is made in the case.

They are the same two men – Brandon Orlando Mohammad (Baldwin) and Olajuwon Ali Davis – who were indicted mid-November for purchasing firearms under false pretenses.

The “peaceful protesters” plan to protest no matter what the Grand Jury decides.

The violence doesn’t begin or end with them.

The State Senator from the 5th district who has been calling for non-violence sent this tweet out yesterday:


She was arrested for causing a disturbance in Ferguson recently. She was drunk, wouldn’t leave the middle of the street and was armed.

Operation Ferguson is comprised of the same anarchist and other radical types who ran Occupy Wall Street.

Check out this leaflet that guides the “protesters” on what to do if the “murdering pig walks”. They want to bring Amerikkka to a halt.


As the violence continues from the “protesters’, Holder decided this was just the right time to tell the police how they could be nicer to the protesters/rioters.

Eric Holder has issued guidance for the police on how to behave during the protests in advance of the Grand Jury decision.

Eric Holder thinks that in most instances the protests have been responsible:

Maybe he should give more guidance to his “peaceful protesters” as they exercise their “protected First Amendment rights”:

In the next video, you can see some “peaceful protesters” telling the police to “go _ _ _ _ yourself white boy” and “_ _ _ _ you honky”. It’s very vulgar so beware.

If you want to see another more terrifying video, go to Young Cons. The youth in the video think they are going to free Ferguson and they’re armed to the hilt. They say things like,  “We gonna start killing m…f…ers” if Officer Darren Wilson isn’t indicted. They even mention ISIS who is not equal to them, and so on. It really is frightening so I can’t post it here.

A photo from the video:

youth who want to kill some people

There has been an ongoing problem in Ferguson with rioting, looting, shooting, attacks on police, and constant death threats. It’s driven by violent outside groups who say they want to take our government down.

The new president of the Congressional Black Caucus, Rep. G. K. Butterfield, said the Grand Jury better indict Darren Wilson, the guilty-before-proven-innocent officer who claims he was assaulted by Michael Brown – the gentle giant who had just robbed a convenience store of cigars, intimidated the owner, and possibly beat the officer as he (Brown) was attempting to take his gun. If they don’t indict, there will be “pushback” he warned.

GotNews found this gem:

Still, Eric Holder is worried about the police.

You can check out Eric Holder’s “new guide” on this link.” It’s a typical liberal’s idea of enforcing the law. It’s titled, “RESOURCE GUIDE FOR ENHANCING COMMUNITY RELATIONSHIPS AND PROTECTING PRIVACY AND CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS”.

Instead of engaging in law enforcement, the police are supposed to think about legitimacy, respect, reaching out, they must awaken their “moral compass”, be “diversity-centered” and “inclusive”.

Welcome to the new America where “protected classes” can do what they want as the police act like social workers, afraid to do their jobs.

This Ferguson incident has been made into a case of racial bias when, so far, there has been no evidence that Officer Wilson acted out of bias. There is evidence however that the “peaceful protesters” are acting out of bias.

Officer Wilson could be guilty and if he is, he should be punished to the maximum extent of the law, but without evidence these lunatics want to kill him and kill others.

Hundreds of ACLU lawyers are headed for Ferguson to protect the protesters against the police. The police are on their own.

It’s impossible to know if the police have been brutal with the residents because no evidence has been presented.

Meanwhile, Ferguson shopkeepers might not be able to feed their families:

Ferguson shopkeeper

And churches have to offer sanctuary:

churches offer sanctuary

Mr. Obama did tell the “protesters” to “stay the course” so I guess we can expect more of this.

Info on bomb plot: NY Post