Fetterman Didn’t Understand NBC’S Questions, As A Bonus, He Hardly Works


Democrat candidate for Senate in Pennsylvania, John Fetterman, has a receptive and expressive language problem. That means he doesn’t understand what people are saying and has trouble speaking. He can’t process normally. People wonder how anyone could vote for him, but one might assume they are the same people who voted for Joe Biden.

The NBC News reporter admitted that he struggled to understand the questions.

“He still has lingering auditory processing issues as a result of the stroke, which means he has a hard time understanding what he’s hearing,” she said. “Now, once he reads the question, he’s able to understand … He also still has some problems, some challenges with speech, and I’ll say, Katy, that some of the small talk prior to the interview before the closed captioning was up and running, it did seem that he had a hard time understanding our conversations.”

NBC News correspondent Dasha Burns had to defend her interview as Fetterman-enablers called her an ableist. She wasn’t, but she did tell the truth. The attacks will teach her not to do that again.

Burns explained that it is her job as a reporter to be as transparent as possible.

Fetterman can’t interview without closed captioning. Do they put the answers up on the screen? NBC didn’t show that, but his eyes flashed to the screen as he answered.


He will likely be terrible for the economy. He didn’t work when he finally did get a job. The AP reported that Fetterman’s 2021 schedule showed 115 days with no listed events or other activities. From late June to mid-September of that year, the report said, his schedule was “largely blank,” showing only 11 hours of work accounted for. In 2022, Fetterman’s schedule had 70 days before his stroke with nothing on it.

Fetterman failed to preside over 33% of the state’s Senate legislative sessions as lieutenant governor. But he had a perfect record at the Board of Pardons, always defending the criminal, even getting murderers freed.

His spokesperson said he was dealing with Covid, which Joe Biden used as an excuse for campaigning from his basement.


Fetterman isn’t honest. He claims he’s not soft on crime, but what’s new? He’s a Soros-style pro-criminal activist.

Fetterman chased down an unarmed black jogger.

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