Fetterman Is Sponsoring Bills, Signing Legislation from a Psych Ward Now


No one knows how John Fetterman is, and the last report we had was from a conservative journalist John Cardillo who heard Mr. Fetterman is essentially brain-dead in the medical sense. We know that Sen. Fetterman is locked away in a psych ward for severe depression and other issues and couldn’t be doing what they say he is doing.

Somehow, he sponsors bills, writes letters, and conducts Senate business from his locked psych ward.

So, we just let people run government policies and sponsor bills from psych wards now?

He could be terminally brain-dead, and how would we know?

Radio show host Buck Sexton wrote on Twitter, “The speed with which Democrats went from: “Fetterman is fine, questioning his fitness for office is immoral” To: “yeah, so what he’s locked away in a psych ward, respect his privacy” is very instructive about Democrat ruthlessness when power is at stake.”

It’s absurd to think he’s sponsoring bills and joining bipartisan groups from a psych ward. Who is the Pennsylvania senator really? His chief of staff, Adam Jentleson, a former Harry Reid propagandist?

When Stephen Miller asked the question, Fetterman’s chief of staff blocked him instead of providing information. So, the staff won’t answer questions and block anyone who asks a question about Fetterman’s health.

With SenFeinstein dealing with a “health matter” and JohnFetterman hospitalized with clinical depression and serious medical issues, the Democrats have had difficulty maintaining their slim voting majority in the Senate.

The answer to Stephen’s question is “no.”

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