FGC University Prof Is Brainwashing Students to Hate Law Enforcement


In January, Sociology professor Dr. Ted Thornhill taught a “White Racism” class at Florida Gulf Coast University. The professor’s course claims “the U.S. has been and remains a white supremacist society.”

He’s also teaching students to hate law enforcement, European descendants, and Capitalism.


His racism and law enforcement course teachers “ways in which white supremacy relates to U.S law enforcement”.

The description begins: “Since the period of slavery innumerable Europeans and their descendants who believe themselves white have fixed their gaze, fist, furor, finances, and mechanisms of social control on or against those they racialized as non-white. This European and white American project, embraced genocide, slavery, murder, rape, torture, terror, theft, violence, threats, segregation, economic immiseration, disenfranchisement, and humiliation against people of color…”

From there he went on to relate it to law enforcement.

Communists don’t like law enforcement.

Ironically, when Thornhill taught his ‘White Racism’ course, police were stationed outside his classroom to protect him.

This school has allowed this hateful material for over a decade.


Professor Thomas Sowell explained the misconceptions about slavery and it’s too bad Professor Thornhill doesn’t read some of his books.

The United States broke the chain of slavery as an institution, overcame great trials and tribulations because of the practice, but is stained by the legacy of the institution more than other nations primarily because they were founded as a world without it. That is according to scholar, economist, author Thomas Sowell.

It is also true that the United States would probably not have survived if the Founding Fathers took on slavery at the same time they took on the British.



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