“Fiction” & “Crap” Become Reality


First, I’d like you to take a quick glance at a piece published back in MAY of this year. May is in all caps because that was long before this topic became headline news. Long before the presidential election. And long before the ignorant mainstream media decided you should know about it.

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Sarah Noble posted this item on the Independent Sentinel blog and it has stuck in my mind ever since.  Not so much because of the article itself, but because of one of the comments that was posted in response. I’ve removed the name of the reader because this isn’t about “I told ya’ so” or an effort to embarrass anyone.  It’s an example of just how terribly uninformed many Americans are on issues that directly involve us all.

(Name Removed) on July 8, 2012 at 11:10 pm

“Folks, this is all a bunch of crap to get you all wound up for someone’s agenda… most obviously selling more Dick Morris books. Its like believing in the boogey man. This crap has been floating around the internet for YEARS!

I am a “liberal” and there is no way in hell I or anyone I have ever known would allow the overturning of the seconds amendment. It is the foundation of our country for chrissakes… ’nuff said.

So please, lets all relax and sleep well knowing its a fiction.


If its not, it would be bigger than prohibition, and 99% of the country would make sure its defeated forever.”

I can’t even begin to tell you how insanely wrong just about everything in that comment really is.  As it turns out, it’s not “a bunch of crap to get you wound up for someone’s agenda” and it’s obviously not an effort to sell books.  The writer’s “boogey man” is real and this “crap” is now a major headline.

This isn’t “fiction”, it’s happening in real time and the opinion of the folks at snopes is as subject to error and/or political influence as anywhere else.  For the record:  Snopes has updated its opinion to November 10, 2012 and they still maintain that this is not an effort to interfere in any way with the Second Amendment.  They quickly point out, however, that a change in legal opinion from the Supreme Court could change everything and that’s not anywhere near as farfetched now as it was four years ago.  Flip one more seat on the nine member Supreme Court and you’ll see a significant change.

And if you believe that “99% of the country would make sure its defeated forever”, you’re terribly misinformed and delusional.  A substantial segment of Americans – probably more than 40% – actually support this UN/Obama sponsored proposal.

In many ways this particular comment is a reflection of the low information American voters who have no clue as to what’s going on and simply won’t take the time to research (Something beyond Snopes is highly recommended) any topic before deciding how they’ll vote.  Sadly, there are millions of them, and this particular issues is a major threat to a Constitutionally guaranteed Right.

Our readers knew about this story in May of 2012.  The mainstream media caught up with it in December. And even now, most of the country knows nothing about it. Thanks to Sarah Noble, our readers do.



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