Fiery! Rude, Nasty, Biased Chris Wallace Tries to Batter Rudy Giuliani


Fox News’ far-left host Chris Wallace is showing his true self more and more. Calling the Green New Deal a “heck of a good idea” was a dead giveaway as to how far-left Wallace, a registered Democrat, actually is. His interviews of people on the right and left are not balanced. He leans very left. When he interviewed Rudy Giuliani this past Sunday, he abandoned all appearances of fairness.


Wallace was at his rudest on Sunday interviewing Rudy Giuliani. When Rudy said the Mueller report found no obstruction, Wallace said, “That’s not true!” Wallace declared. “The Mueller report makes clear, especially on the issue of collusion — obstruction, rather, that he’s leaving it to Congress.”

Mueller didn’t pull the trigger because his report did not include PROOF of obstruction.

Wallace kept interrupting Rudy. He would not let Rudy finish an answer.

Wallace continued with that line and said Mueller didn’t exonerate Trump, opting to invite Congress to “look into” whether there was obstruction.

“You can’t exonerate,” Giuliani countered. “Exoneration means proving a negative.”


It was an absurd, nasty interview. Wallace wanted to be the only one to present his case, but Rudy was up to the challenge.

“Chris what you’re doing is you’re taking the Mueller report, which is a prosecutor’s version of what happened, you’re giving it full credit and you’re not giving me a chance to explain the other side, which is very very strong and was left out by the prosecutor,” Giuliani said.

“I think that’s unfair in a case of this magnitude not to tell the other side,” he added.

Rudy got to explain that McGahn gave three different versions of the alleged call to fire Mueller, and “it’s a very complex set of facts.” The President’s version is he didn’t want Mueller fired. He wanted Mueller’s conflicts investigated.

Rudy pointed out that a new special counsel would have been appointed anyway. The President was only worried about the conflicts.

Love the part when Rudy asks when “did Mueller become God.” Rudy pointed out that the President didn’t hammer hard drives or BleachBit like Hillary.

Wallace continually nitpicked and he was nasty. You have to hear it.

At the end of the clip, Rudy talked eloquently about due process.

Watch this fiery exchange and a nasty, rude Chris Wallace:

  • Chris Wallace, a know-nothing political hack posing as a non-partisan journalist(?) getting totally outed for all to see by Rudy…priceless.
    If there was any doubt in anyone’s mind re: Wallace and where he stands, this should remove all doubt and expose him to the light.
    Wonder what he would be doing if his daddy had not been a semi-famous leftist nutjob. With connections so his son would not be selling apples on a street corner somewhere.
    Loved watching him getting taken to task for his stupidity.
    I regularly change stations when he comes on, along with the rest of the leftist lackeys on Fox. Very few credible hosts on Fox anymore. What a shame.

  • I had forget all about Meathead junior the yellow journalist. If I ever need this empty suit of soyness to inform me of anything, I’ll turn off all devices and join a monastery. Good times…indeed.

  • On the McGahn situation vis-a-vis Mueller, wasn’t there an “ethics waiver” for Mueller. This waiver was reported on which infers there are issues with Mueller, which hasn’t been made public. Now it’s time to release that also with everything else.

    • We need to see the waiver. We know that Mueller was ineligible for the role because of his close associations with people and situations. Plus Mueller was rejected for the FBI job. I read that the statute disallows an appearance of conflict.

      • If there was a “waiver”, then it needs to go public. And it would disqualify Mueller due to conflict of interests, then the whole thing is outed as a sham, which of course it was anyway. The team of leftist lawyers used by Mueller already told us that, along with everything else.
        Yeah, then there was the rejection of Mueller for the FBI job. He could not have been happy about that. I would think that would further color his “objectivity” as SC. If at all possible, being a rino and all.

  • Did not see this on TV………..when the WIMP WALLACE comes on FOX at any time, I switch channels……..Wallace is costing FOX advertising revenue……….many people are turning FOX off!!1

    • This is what we expect from a rich spoiled brat handed a network job due to his father.

      Boycott Fox. Sara can report to us what goes on there.