FIERY! Tom Homan addresses “disgusting” comments by Rep. Garcia


Former ICE Director Tom Homan hammered far-left Rep. Chuy Garcia who thought he was going to take down Homan with his grandstanding.

Mr. Homan had enough of these Democrats blaming ICE for their incompetence in not handling the crisis at the border.

Democrat Rep. Chuy Garcia is a communist and his district is 78% Hispanic, many are or were illegal aliens.

Garcia claimed Mr. Homan doesn’t care about children because “these children do not look like children that are around you.”

Then he asked, “Have you ever held a deceased child in your arms?”

That was it. The answer was ‘yes’ and Homan let him have it in his unique way, starting with Homan calling Garcia’s comments “disgusting.”

Democrats are now redefining concentration camps and the meaning of the words, ‘never again,’ in relation to the camps. When Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez began calling detention centers ‘concentration camps,’ we had to listen to the clowns defending the absurd comparison by giving us a lesson in the difference between a concentration camp and a death camp.

AOC gets defended for her most clownish statements.

They want to redefine the meaning while demeaning the horrors of the Nazis, and lying about detention centers. What do they want? Do they want agents to just throw these kids out on the street? We don’t know who these people are and agents are trying to keep them out of the hands of traffickers. Democrats are heartless and only care about ideology.

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