Fifth Roy Moore Accuser Cries During Presser with Gloria Allred Over Nearly Forty Year Old Assault


No one but the alleged victims and Roy Moore know the truth about the allegations against Roy Moore from nearly forty years ago. Fortunately, I don’t have to decide – it’s up to the people of Alabama.

What keeps running through my mind is what Newt said: would the GOP prefer a liberal [Progressive] Democrat? The answer is ‘yes’.

There is compelling testimony against Roy Moore, however, people do lie. Two women are now saying that Moore sexually molested them when they were teens, one was 14 years of age at the time of the alleged act.

The other three women didn’t accuse Moore of molestation. They say they were teens when he dated them and he was 32 – 34. They were of legal age and frankly, while it is creepy if true, it’s not illegal.

Beverly Young Nelson is the fifth accuser to come forward and accuse Judge Roy Moore of sexual misbehavior when she was a teen. She made her claims in a presser with hack Gloria Allred this afternoon.

After nearly forty years, Ms. Nelson cried but that’s what all of Allred’s “victims” do. It doesn’t help Ms. Nelson’s case that this is Gloria Allred’s specialty — find women who will accuse Republican candidates and who can cry. However, Ms. Nelson said she would make the same claims under oath and she gave a fairly detailed account decades after the assault.

She will not answer questions, Allred said.

Hearing this, one wants to just dump on Moore. The accusations are despicable and it’s hard to support Moore, but then reality sets in. The thing people have to keep in mind is that everyone is innocent until proven guilty. He says he didn’t do it.

Mitch McConnell and Mitt Romney say they believe the women and want Moore to leave the race but they have been against Moore from the beginning and McConnell, a hopeless RINO, spent tens of millions of dollars to keep Moore from winning in the Primary.

Cory Gardner won’t raise money for Moore. He is the head of the election committee and is looking into ways to kick him out of the Senate should he win. It’s not right and it’s not constitutional – it is up to Alabamans who they send to D.C..

Where are these guys as the Menendez corruption trial for bribery, kickbacks, and more is ongoing. The jury is currently deadlocked. Menendez is also accused of cavorting with teens.

Remember the UVA alleged rapes, Mattress Girl at Columbia U, Duke LaCrosse and the Zimmerman case? Remember Herman Cain’s accusers, all of whom disappeared when he dropped out of the election? We can’t convict people in the public square – it’s not Salem and it’s not 1692.

Listen to Ms. Nelson:

Newt Gingrich gave his opinion on Sean Hannity’s radio show Monday. Gingrich focused on the constitution. It’s the people of Alabama who have to decide, he said. It’s not up to Mitch, or the Washington Post, or Mitt Romney.

Mr. Gingrich brought up the Justice Clarence Thomas witch hunt and how Thomas leveled the opposition. The burden is on Roy Moore now.

Newt doesn’t agree with a write-in because Alabamans aren’t asking for it — it’s outsiders like McConnell who want it.

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6 years ago

Given that these accusations are in the distant past, suspiciously occur just before an election, and there is no proof, I think they should be ignored. Only the gullible and corrupt are fooled. An election cannot be overturned based upon this. We had a sex addict in the White House, the media knew, but we did not find out until he was caught red handed. Menendez has had accusations of improper sexual contact on his Carribean romps with his business friend. The sex charges against Menendez are more credible, since they were timely and there was no election imminent.

6 years ago

Something has struck me as rather peculiar in all these accounts. It seems they All were aware that Moore was the District Attorney at the time. Now really, how many people actually know who the D.A. is in their Jurisdiction.

When this first came to light I KNEW Allred would be joining the chorus. Since this is a state that is quite religious the initial accounts didn’t include the worst of charges that could have been made. I suspect this was considered sufficient to derail the campaign, considering the demographics. ONCE the initial reports didn’t succeed it was inevitable that a more serious assertion HAD to be levied. The stage was set. Since this tactic, by Democrats, have succeeded many times before it is obvious they would attempt the same.

Isn’t it also fascinating that this latest person went to Allred. If she was REALLY “honest” wouldn’t she go to someone with more “credibility” than this discredited political hack, who is already under investigation by the bar.

And, I just heard a caller on a program that made a decisive point. The 14 year old stated she went twice to Moore’s house, but, But, only describes the exterior of the house. So, wouldn’t she know the interior details of the house, even More than that exterior. Anyone walking past would know That information. Quite interesting.

6 years ago
Reply to  Greg

McConnell would rather have the far left opponent be senator than Moore. He seems involved in this. And he says nothing about Menendez, who has had serious sexual allegations against him.