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Fifty – Hundred Thousand Voted Illegally in Pennsylvania


The Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) filed a lawsuit Monday against the Pennsylvania Department of State “for failing to disclose a reported 100,000 noncitizen registered voter records under federal law.”

The Pennsylvania Department of State refused to allow PILF the right to inspect or be given documents related to noncitizen voting. The request was made after a joint study by the Department of Transportation revealed 100,000 cases of noncitizens registered to vote in Pennsylvania in violation of the National Voter Registration Act of 1993.

The study came about after a so-called “glitch” allowed noncitizens applying for driver’s licenses to register to vote. The “glitch” has gone on since the 1990s.

“Prior to the study, election officials only took actions to remove ineligible noncitizens from the rolls after they self-reported their statuses,” PILF states. “A full accounting of how many registered and voted remains unclear due to the DOS’ intentionally limited transparency.”

PILF President J. Christian Adams said Pennsylvania pencil pushers have hidden facts about noncitizens registering and voting.

The PILF hopes to finally get answers. They allege that at least half of noncitizens voted in 2016. There are similar violations in other states, including Virginia and New Jersey.


The Washington Times added two specific examples PILF announced in its lawsuit:

One man, Felipe Rojas-Orta, canceled his registration last year, filing a handwritten note saying he was not a citizen. He had, however, registered as a Democrat and voted in three separate elections, including most recently 2016, the year of the presidential race.

Another woman had her registration canceled in 2006 as a noncitizen, yet re-registered to vote twice — and cast ballots in some elections. That woman is still active in the system, the lawsuit says.

The Democratic Party wants you to believe there is no voter fraud.

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