Fight against ISIS disintegrates in the face of a Turkish assault


ISIS fighters are pouring out of Kurdish prisons as the fight to stop ISIS flails.

The Washington Post reports that the Turkish invasion of northeastern Syria has forced the U.S. military and its Kurdish allies to curtail significantly their shared military operations against ISIS.

The Kurds are under attack by Turkey and are forced to defend themselves, abandoning the fight against ISIS. Hundreds of Kurdish-led fighters with the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have relocated to the front lines of the fight with Turkey, and away from areas where the fight against ISIS was being waged.

In recent weeks, ISIS has tried to rebound and a small number of U.S. and coalition forces are left to fight them.

U. S. Officials say raids and other such operations have been significantly curtailed without the Kurds since the Turks began their offensive, according to the Post. SDF officials say this is a euphemism for the complete halt of these operations.

This is a problem. ISIS is trying to make a comeback and it’s the Kurds, not Turkey that were fighting ISIS.

ISIS is making headway around Raqqa, their former capital, where they have garnered sympathy among the population.

The joint raids with the Kurds involved surveillance and door-to-door searches to root out the terror cells. That is what is now eliminated.

This is not very different from President Obama’s Iraq withdrawal which led to the formation of ISIS.

Only hours ago, Hundreds of people affiliated with the Islamic State escaped a camp where they were being held on Sunday after Turkish forces approached the Kurdish-held town, Kurdish officials said.

About 950 ISIS-connected foreigners managed to leave the camp, located in Ain Eissa, roughly 20 miles south of the border, after detainees apparently attacked the camp’s guards and gates and fled, the Kurdish-led administration said in a statement.

If ISIS reemerges and Kurds are slaughtered, the criticism against the President will be swift and justified.

The President continues to say we have no troops in Syria, but that’s not true. We have the same number. They’ve simply been told to stand down in the face of Turkey, a terrible ally.

Turkey also bombed U. S. soldiers on Friday night and them sent out a senior aide to Erdogan to tell the U.S media that the U. S. is helping terrorists, meaning the Kurds, not ISIS.

Turkey doesn’t care about ISIS. They want to kill the Kurds. The President outsourced ISIS to Turkey but they won’t do the job.

If our soldiers are in Syria but made to duck Turkish assaults, maybe the President needs to rethink this strategy.


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