Filmmaker Schools Don Lemon as He Lies About Sweden’s Crime Stats


Don Lemon asked filmmaker Ami Horowitz about being mentioned by the President of the United States in relation to crime by Islamist refugees in Sweden. Horowitz filmed a documentary about the rise of rapes and murders in Sweden since the mass migration began.

After playing a clip of Trump referencing Sweden crime rates during the Saturday rally in Melbourne, Florida, Don Lemon gave out some false stats. At one point, Lemon asked Horowitz if his “eyes and ears are working” though he claimed he didn’t “want to be rude”.

Lemon tried to give false stats to the viewers and provided a false comparison with statistics in the U.S.. Lemon was using it as a distraction and tried to shut Horowitz down. Lemon would not reference the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention (BRÅ) statistics, the most accurate crime statistics available for Sweden.

It was intentional misrepresentation to spread fake news. If you go to the BRÅ numbers, you will find Horowitz is accurate.

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