“Final Step” Before Single Payer Is Here!


Red diaper madman Bernie Sanders is a leader of the youth today. He preaches the same policies as many educators in this country. He could possibly have won the primary against Hillary if the DNC hadn’t rigged the election. It is his policies have become not only acceptable, but also desirable. His Single Payer healthcare has been slightly adapted to make it palatable and it will hit the public stage prior to the November elections.

If nothing else, his run for the presidency exposed the incredibly large numbers of Socialists on the political scene.

Hillary Clinton, George Soros and others are currently funding hundreds of Progressive aka Socialist candidates throughout the nation. The Democrat Party is the Socialist Party.

The first prominent victim of the assault from the hard-left could be Senator Dianne Feinstein of California. The polls are still in her favor but the California Democrat Party will not endorse her. Her opponent is an open borders favorite Kevin de Leon who boasts that half his family is here illegally. He is a Communist in the vein of Bill de Blasio.

Oh, how far the once-Red State of California has fallen.

Communist policies are no longer hidden or lied about. They are right out in the open and Americans are okay with them because they come disguised as humanitarianism on white unicorns. The other sad fact is there is a desire on the part of Americans to be taken care of.

The Center for American Progress, a Soros-funded leftist organization, outlined the plan for Barack Obama’s seizure of the American government before he effectively took office. It was CAP that recommended using agencies, executive orders, memos, a pen and a phone, and so on to push the leftist agenda.

Marxist terms like wealth redistribution, disparate impact, living wages, political correctness, Socialism, and single payer healthcare are part of the acceptable lexicon in the USA today. CAP is capitalizing on this and has come up with a mostly Single Payer healthcare plan. They are counting on a big sweep in November to push it.

Given their buying of elections and the gerrymandering changes they pushed, they have reason to believe it will happen.

Final Step Before Universal Healthcare Is In the Works

Stealing a page from Bernie’s “Medicare for All”, the totalitarians at CAP call their plan, “Medicare Extra for All”.  Everyone would have government health insurance under this plan and be enslaved to the government for their very lives. An option for private insurance will continue for a while but the private companies will soon fade away since there is no way to compete with the bottomless taxpayer purse.

Republicans will be demonized if they speak out against trying to insure everyone. They will be said to be pushing granny over the cliff.

Democrats see this form of extreme government takeover as an advantage now. The President of CAP said it is the “final step” to universal coverage.

It’s been well-planned and the leftists are very patient. The larger our government grows, the more feedom we lose and the greater the corruption.

Listen to this fairly brief clip of Professor Walter E. Williams on our future as Totalitarians:




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