Finally, An Investigation Into Obama’s Potential Abuse of National Security


Congress is launching a sweeping and fully justified investigation into the Obama administration’s potential undermining of its own counterproliferation efforts in order to secure implementation of the nuclear deal with Iran. The  U.S. counter-proliferation effort was focused on thwarting Iranian weapons trafficking networks.

Also under scrutiny will be his swap of Iranian spies for a handful of civilian Iranian-Americans.

Several congressmen cited a Politico report published in April.

Politico reported Friday that in addition, thirteen Republican senators have demanded answers about whether the Obama administration jeopardized U.S. national security as a result of its protracted top-secret negotiations with Tehran, and then misled the American public when disclosing the terms of the two deals in January 2016.

The Obama administration swapped Iranian terrorists for four civilian Iranian-Americans but lied to the American public about the risks involved in releasing these bad actors to make the deal happen.

The Obama administration and Obama himself described the Iranians as civilians involved in mere sanctions-related offenses but not charged with terrorism or any violent offenses.

Seven Iranian men were released and there were at least another fourteen who in reality had been accused or convicted of charges stemming from their alleged involvement in clandestine networks supplying Iran with parts and technology for its weapons, ballistic missile and nuclear programs, Politico reported.

The House oversight committee has asked Attorney General Jeff Sessions to produce an exhaustive volume of Justice Department documents that would “help the Committee in better understanding these issues.” It sent a nearly identical letter to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson demanding all related documents in the State Department’s possession.

Both are likely to make it happen.

The letter from the thirteen congressmen was spearheaded by Sen. David Perdue. The other signatories are: Sens. Thom Tillis, James Inhofe, John Boozman, Ben Sasse, Roger Wicker, Johnny Isakson, Marco Rubio. Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Mike Rounds, Tim Scott, and Luther Strange.

In the letter, they ask if the released Iranians are still engaging in illicit activities.

While they are at it, they should look into his involvement in Hillary’s use of a personal server.

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