Fake News Outlet Wants to Take Away Free Speech Over Fake News


Donald Trump in his first presser since winning election.

The Financial Times (FT), a widely-read publication, is putting out articles that attack Donald Trump for criticizing the fake news stories about him. As they do this, they ignore the real problem of a disinformation campaign They are spreading fake news themselves, but want to take our free speech away because of fake news.

This is what the fake news war has been about all along. They want to silence opponents and limit free speech to do it.

Limit Free Speech Merkle-Style

In one article, The Threat Posed by Cyberwarriors, they claim that the fake news “disinformation” campaign requires limits to free speech. After blasting the fake news campaign, they recommend German-style limitations:

“Berlin is considering imposing hefty fines on media outlets that spread false and malicious information. This may seem an undue restriction to freedom of speech but in the context of a propaganda war designed to undermine western democracy, it may be necessary to do more than enforce existing laws on libel and incitement. German political parties are also discussing ways in which to join forces against cyber interference. This is also a positive step.”

In other words, the FT editorial board wants the US to operate like the Angela Merkel government, arresting people for thought crimes and words they deem unacceptable.

FT Spreads Fake News

In an article titled, Trump Blast US Intelligence published on the 11th, the subtitle reads, “President-elect acknowledges Moscow hacked election.”

The election was not hacked but a poll out two weeks ago shows 54% of Democrats believe the election was hacked. It’s not only the FT lying about this. Most of the media are using semantics to distort the truth. They ARE the fake news.

The DNC and the Podesta emails were hacked, maybe by Russians. Clapper has been clearly lying so who knows what the truth is.

An example of Clapper lying can be seen in his most recent testimony. Clapper recently dismissed Wikileaks revelations out of hand because “he’s under indictment, I believe, by the Swedish government for a sexual crime”. Therefore Assange has “no credibility”. Assange is not under indictment and Clapper’s own agency said the emails are authentic.

Furthermore, Trump never said Russia hacked the election or anything else. He said he ‘thinks’ Russians might be behind the email hack, ‘thinks’ being the operative word. He has been very careful about wording on this.

The bogus “dossier” on Trump was allegedly supplied by Russian spies and we are being told to believe these Russian spies.

This is the news outlet, FT, that wants to take away our free speech. It’s the same outlet  that demonizes Trump, lies about what he said, and spreads the fake news exposé on Trump, calling it a “dossier”. By the way, the left-wing media got together on the word “dossier” because they are all using it. Very clever we must say.

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7 years ago

As soon as Trump is sworn in we should all file complaints with the FCC against all news bureaus that have not fired reporters who openly colluded with the Clinton campaign and also charge them with inciting violence, and failure to carry out their primary duty to report the news fairly, investigate government corruption under Obama and not having properly vetting him prior to his elections.