Firecrackers, Blood, Smoke in the Street, 74-Year Old Pepper-Sprayed by Obama Minions


The protesters’ supporters who came out in support of Donald Trump on March 4th in Berkeley were harassed and abused into silence. The media called these vile troublemakers “counter protesters”.

The thugs wearing black hoodies and scarves over their faces and bullying people into silence call themselves “anti-fascists,” or antifa for short.

They pepper-sprayed a 74-year old man.

The Trump supporters are the ones who end up injured generally and it’s the antifa who burned up the free speech placard.

The BAMN group kept pushing forward to start trouble.

Police stood down.

This is exactly what Loretta Lynch called for yesterday in her very troubling speech.

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6 years ago

Expect more and more of this. Patriots are out to support our president and our Constitution.

But in situations like this we are speaking civilization to savages. They have no principles, only kool-aid hysteria, They have no patriotism, only hands out to destroy what they cannot take. They have no morals, only their own greed, racism and intolerance.
They have nothing constructive in their lives and are desperate to blame others for their own emptiness.

Understand what we are facing!