Fired Google Engineer Speaks to Blogger Stefan Moliyneaux After Bizarre Attacks


Fired Google employee, James Damore spoke with Stefan Molyneaux about the recent firestorm over his memo, ‘Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber’, which pointed out the problems in the politically correct/social engineering culture at Google.

Mr. Damore said he wrote the memo during a 12-hour flight to China to fill his time and collect his thoughts about all the PC silencing. The memo was shared over a month ago with a limited audience and there was “none of this explosive reaction”, he said.

This wasn’t said during the interview, but the media had a lot to do with ginning up the outrage.

He said he’s a logical person and just wanted to have a rational discussion.

Social media blew up first and Mr. Damore mentioned they were calling him “all these misogynistic racist terms”. It got to Gizmodo from there. He doesn’t believe anyone connected to him caused the blow up.

Also interesting is the fact that Google and the media removed all the citations and graphs backing up his comments from the memo and messed up the formatting.

The attacks on his race and gender took him by surprise and it’s what he was trying to avoid. Mr. Damore was talking about “not reducing people to their gender”. Never did he suggest female Google engineers aren’t as good as male engineers.

Mr. Damore said some of Google’s employees feel totally alienated and isolated and he was pointing out the problems in the culture that causes it. Many people told him they were thinking of leaving because it’s gotten so bad.

If people take the time to read the memo, even without the footnotes and graphs, they will see it’s not extreme or rude or offensive. Breitbart found a number of therapists and a biologist who agree with Mr. Damore. Mr. Damore’s arguments are reasonable. He said that he wants people to understand what it’s like being in an “oppressive echo chamber.” People need to open up and try to understand each other to progress, he said.

Listen to the interview.

The Google CEO and top administration are so out of touch, they blabbered about how Google employees should be free to speak and express their views. Read about that here.

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