Fired Secretary Spencer publishes his letter of forced resignation


Defense Secretary Mark Esper fired Navy Secretary Richard Spencer after a disagreement with the President over the handling of the case of Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher.

President Trump made it clear that he was displeased with the way the Navy handled the Eddie Gallagher case.

He also didn’t like the large cost overruns.

The President has chosen a replacement for the Navy Secretary. He will appoint the Ambassador to Norway Ken Brathwaite to the post.

Spencer allowed the review of Eddie Gallagher’s status as a Navy SEAL to move ahead after saying publicly that he didn’t regard the President’s tweet as an order.

Outgoing Secretary Spencer responded to his termination with a letter saying that he disagreed with the president on what constitutes the “key principle of good order and discipline,” adding that he could not “in good conscience” obey Trump’s order with regard to Gallagher.

Prior to his dismissal, Spencer tried to work a side deal with the President to let Eddie Gallagher keep his Trident Pin while saying something different publicly. He didn’t bother to mention that to his boss, the Defense Secretary. His actions were not all that impressive. He was fired for “lack of candor.”

He is trying to sound honorable at the President’s expense.

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