Firm Responsible for the Dossier and Tied to the FBI Are Also Working for the Kremlin


file photo of a smiling Putin motioning to be silent.
file photo of a smiling Putin motioning to be silent.

The firm that was behind the Trump dossier and the former agent who put the dossier of gossip together also lobbied to remove the sanctions against Russia for the Kremlin.

Fusion GPS has also being used by the FBI as the firm compiles more politically-generated gossip about Trump. Rep. Grassley is seeking information from Fusion and the FBI but getting no cooperation.

Fusion GPS worked with Renat Akhmetshin and his associates to kill sanctions. Akhmetshin, a US immigrant and former Soviet intelligence officer has deep ties to the Kremlin as do his buddies.

Fusion GPS will not cooperate with Congress — the Senate Judiciary Committee in particular.

The chairman of the Senate panel, Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley, sent a letter to Fusion GPS last month inquiring about the Trump research project.

Fusion GPS, founded by former Wall Street Journal reporter Glenn Simpson, hired ex-MI6 agent Christopher Steele in June to uncover any Trump ties to Russia. Steele produced a series of gossipy memos laying out various allegations about Trump’s world ties to Russian government officials.

Fusion GPS put the file together at the behest of an unidentified Democratic ally of Hillary Clinton’s. Could it be Soros?

Grassley wants to know who paid them. Grassley also wants the details of its interactions with the FBI, which has said to have an informal agreement with them since October to pay Steele for future research on Trump.

Why is the FBI using a firm employed by the Kremlin and Hillary Clinton? Also, involved in the dossier are the NeverTrumpers.

Some journalists wonder if George Soros isn’t behind this. As Martin Berger of Online Magazine wrote, Soros has attempted to overturn governments in Kiev, Belgrade, Tbilisi in just this way – with NGOs and lobbying firms.

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