First Excerpts of the FISA Abuse Memo


At least one FISA spying warrant would NOT have been approved without the Hillary dossier, according to the now-declassifed and partially released Memo.

There are key findings in this FISA abuse memo.

One FISA spying warrant, perhaps others, would not have been obtained without the dossier. The funding of the dossier was not shared with the FISA court at the time.

Also, there was circular reporting. In other words, the claims in the warrant were backed up with media reports they put into the media.

Christopher Steele was eventually cut off. Although he hated Trump and was compromised, he continued to funnel information to Bruce Ohr at the FBI. Bruce Ohr’s wife Nellie worked at the dossier company, Fusion GPS. Steele’s goal was to make sure Donald Trump never became President of the United States.

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